Monday, December 14, 2009

Most Valuable Player

Otherwise known as the MVP, So who do I see as the front runner for NFL MVP? I will brake down the AFC and NFC by listing three contenders and my pick for who will win. Here we go...

#3 -- Chris Johnson RB Tennessee Titans- I know the team is only 6-7 but they have been on a tear since starting out 0-6 and have only lost one game since their bye week, so why the sudden turn around? Chris Johnson has to be the most important player on the Titans. He is on pace to maybe set the record for all time yards rushing in a season. He has 1,626 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns as well as 42 receptions for 391 yards and 2 more touchdowns. I was able to watch him play the niners and he is the real deal. I think he is the fastest running back in the league and is a td threat anytime he touches the ball. If his team started out better he could be the favorite to win this award.

#2 -- Philip Rivers QB San Diego Chargers- Chargers are sitting at 10-3 and have now won 8 in a row. Why Rivers? Well the NFL loves to hype up its young players, especially quarterback's who you will see more of on this list than anyone else. QB's always get the praise and besides the Colts the Chargers are the class of the AFC. I can even see them pulling a playoff upset and beating the Colts. With 3 games left Rivers has lead the Chargers with 3,583 yards passing with 22 td's and only 7 interceptions. I also think his way of leading his team to win at the end of games makes him more valuable. The chargers have had some rushing problems this year and Rivers has stepped up to lead the team to where it is now.

#1 -- Peyton Manning QB Indianapolis Colts - Was there any question? The Colts are Peyton Manning, I am going to be telling my kids one day about being able to watching Manning, yes he is that good. Manning has lead the Colts to a 13-0 record is in every other commericial on TV and is a damn fine quarterback. The Colts have already clinched home field advantage through the playoffs and Manning has had another outstanding season. He has thrown for 3,905 with 29 td's and 14 interceptions. Can you picture the Colts being lead by another quarterback? Would they have half as many wins?


#3 -- Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay Packers - Another young QB who is having an outstanding season. Rodgers is Mr. everything for the Packers this year. The team started out 4-4 and after week 9 they have won 5 games in a row. I also don't know if is just where I live but I have seen the Packers play at least 5 times this year, so they are getting a lot of media attention (a former qb of theirs may have had something to do with that...) and Rodgers is proving he was worth a first round (overall) pick. With three games left he has thrown for 3,579 yards with 25 td's and only 7 interception. He also leads all NFL qb's with 271 yards rushing with 3 more rushing td's. He is a main reason the Packers have turned it around, they can always count on a good game from Rodgers and are looking for a long playoff run.

#2 -- Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings - Oh, you thought the Vikings were sitting at 11-2 because of Brett Favre? No no no, it is because of this man that Favre is having such a good year. I almost included grey beard on the list but than I said why is he having such a good year? Well Peterson makes the pass game work, the opposing team has to compensate for him and that opens up the pass. He is also having a nice little season with 1,200 with 14 td's and is even becoming more of a factor as a receiver, he has set a personal record with 36 receptions for 319 yards. Without Peterson rushing this team would lack that big td threat and wouldn't be the same team.

#1 -- Drew Brees QB New Orleans Saints - When your team goes 13-0 and you are putting up amazing numbers, you are usually a shoe in to win the MVP. I see no reason why Brees should not win the NFC MVP. He has lead his team to some close wins, and has amazing numbers. He has thrown for 3,832 yards with 32 td's and only 10 interceptions. This guy is like Peyton Manning light, he is a great team leader and since coming to the Saints he has become the face, heart, and soul of the franchise. Brees is easily my pick for the mvp, the only question left is will the team lose and how far will they go in the playoffs?

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Wesley said...

There's still a slim (very slim) chance Titans make the playoffs... but unless that happens, I got to say everything points to Drew Brees winning the award....

Is your choice coming within the next few weeks then?