Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 3

1. Green Bay Packers - That TE Finley went nuts with 3 TD grabs for a 27-17 win over Da Bears

2. Buffalo Bills - These truly are the best jerseys.... ever!

3. New Orleans Saints - Able to pull out high scoring win over a good opponent (Houston)

4. New England Patriots - Brady throws 4 INT's in one game, threw 4 all of last season.

5. Detroit Lions- Lions come from behind for dramatic win in Minnesota, Calvin Johnson cannot be stopped.

6. Houston Texans - Defense that I said was good proved me wrong, letting up 40 in loss to Saints.

7. Baltimore Ravens- WR Torrey Smith first 3 catches in the game were all TD's, they killed the Rams 37-7.

8. New York Jets - The mighty D gave up 34 to the Raiders and 171 rushing yards to McFadden.

9. San Diego Chargers- Took my advice and let Ryan Matthews run for 98 yards with 2 TD's, my fantasy team thanks you.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers - Probably should have beat the Colts by more than 3.

11. Dallas Cowboys - Who is NOT injured on this team?

12. Philadelphia Eagles - I know all they mention is Vick but LeSean McCoy is a very underrated RB.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - A nice home win against the Falcons has me thinking Bucs are in for a good season.

14. New York Giants - Last time I said they were not impressing me, this week's win in Philly has changed my stance.

15. Oakland Raiders - Raiders offense has been putting up big numbers so far, great team win against a good Jets team makes me wonder if they can contend.

16. Chicago Bears - Tough opening three games: Atlanta, New Orleans, and Green Bay...they could be in for some more wins in the near future namely at home vs. Carolina up next.

17. Washington Redskins - Rex Grossman led Redskins will not go undefeated this year!

18. Atlanta Falcons - This team's play has been puzzling to this point, perhaps Michael Turner's 20 yards on 11 carriers is a start...

19. San Francisco 49ers - Won in the first NFL game ever to finish with a 13-8 score! They are in sole possession of first in the NFC West.

20. Tennessee Titans - Win the game but have to be disappointed to lose Kenny Brit, who I just praised last week!

21. Cleveland Browns - Your 2-1 Browns, and they did it without Peyton Hillis who is suffering from Madden Curse.

22. Carolina Panthers - Panthers already with half their win total from last season!

23. Denver Broncos - Like the Cowboys, who on this team in not hurt? Tim Tebow for one..

24. Arizona Cardinals - This team may get no wins on the road this season.

25. St Louis Rams - Rams also have had a very hard schedule so far..at home vs. Ravens and Eagles and on the road against the Giants.

26. Miami Dolphins - Bright spot is rookie RB Daniel Thomas who has taken over the RB situation.

27. Cincinnati Bengals - Failed to put up many points after being in a few goal line situations vs. 49ers.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Blaine Gabbert era begins with a safety.

29. Minnesota Vikings - After being up 20-0 they end up losing 26-23 in OT.

30. Seattle Seahawks- Seahawks home crowd somehow propels this team to win, may be best player on team.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - After some blowout losses they played better but still lose 20-17.

32. Indianapolis Colts - Ready or not the Curtis Painter era begins in Indy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 2

1. New England Patriots - Having the same QB and coach for years means no lag to start the season for these guys.

2. Green Bay Packers - A close call playing the Panthers but were able to handle their business.

3. New York Jets - Threw a hurting on the Jags to the tune of 32-3

4. New Orleans Saints - Were able to sack Jay Cutler 6 times and the offense is clicking.

5. Houston Texans - Doesn't seem to matter who is running the ball this team is winning and has an improved defense.
6. Philadelphia Eagles - After Vick went out with a concussion the team wasn't the same, could prove to be a problem.

7. Detroit Lions- Stafford has not been sacked once in two games. They are for real.

8. Baltimore Ravens- Did a double take when I saw they lost, a huge step back to lose after taking out Pittsburgh.

9. San Diego Chargers- I think Ryan Matthews should be the #1 RB here, lost at New England... but who doesn't?

10. Atlanta Falcons - Nice bounce back win after a terrible start in Chicago. Falcons show they do not need Vick any longer.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Held the Seahawks scoreless, they needed that.

12. Chicago Bears - Might want to look into getting some offensive line help or a better back up QB.

13. Buffalo Bills - Still am not buying this team..yet. See how they do against the Patriots, still love the jerseys!

14. Washington Redskins - Rex Grossman led Redskins are 2-0....What?

15. Dallas Cowboys - If healthy they could be a team to reckon with.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Josh Freeman is starting to get a name for himself as a come from behind QB.

17. New York Giants - Team hasn't been to impressive so far.

18. Tennessee Titans - Nice win against the Ravens at home, Kenny Britt is the real deal.

19. Oakland Raiders - Crushing loss against the Bills, I think they are missing a certain All Pro Cornerback.

20. San Francisco 49ers- Couldn't hold the lead and the offense again couldn't get the run working.

21. Arizona Cardinals - Kolb, Wells, and Fitzgerald are becoming a great combination.

22. Cleveland Browns- Peyton wins in Indianapolis, Peyton Hillis that is.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars- Managed just 3 points, Blane Gabbert already got some snaps, shocker!

24. Carolina Panthers - Played well against the Packers, you can tell things are heading up in Carloina.

25. St Louis Rams - Stephen Jackson misses the game and Rams have a hard time scoring.
26. Minnesota Vikings - Were up 17-0 at the half, ended up losing 24-20.

27. Denver Broncos - A nice home win over the Bengals shows that anyone can win at home.

28. Miami Dolphins - Reggie Bush, the best back up RB you can ever have!

29. Cincinnati Bengals - Hey, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green played well...there is hope!

30. Indianapolis Colts - No Manning, no win.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - Lose another huge player in Charles and have been outscored 89-10 on the season.

32. Seattle Seahawks- Is this the worst offense in the NFL?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 1

1. New England Patriots - Not sure if Tom Brady is warmed up yet

2. Green Bay Packers - Great game to watch against New Orleans, but questions about defense loom.

3. Baltimore Ravens - Needed a statement game at home against Pittsburgh, won 35-7.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Dream Team handled the Rams with ease, tougher opponents on the horizon.

5. Chicago Bears - Killed the Falcons at home to the tune of 30-12.

6. Houston Texans - No Manning or Arian Foster? No Problem for the Texans.

7. New Orleans Saints - Fought back for a thrilling game, but couldn't punch it in at the 1 yard line.

8. New York Jets - Dramatic late surge to take out the Cowboys, they looked shaky.

9. San Diego Chargers - Seems Mike Tolbert (2 reception TD's) is Philip Rivers new favorite.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Not the way they wanted to start the season, especially with Philly in town next.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Offense looked terrible, way too many turnovers.

12. Detroit Lions - If Matthew Stafford could stay healthy... (sums up the Lions season)

13. Oakland Raiders - Sebastian Janikowski hits a NFL record tying 63 yard field goal, Raiders show they can handle a bad team.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Played a close game with the Lions, losing with home field advantage could come back to haunt them.

15. Dallas Cowboys - This team seems like they could win or lose any game easily.

16. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr takes pay cut to stay with team and returns a punt and kick for a TD to secure win.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Luke McCown era begins with a nice home win.

18. New York Giants - I think you have to worry when Rex Grossman makes your defense look bad (305 yards and 2 TD's)

19. Buffalo Bills - I love, love, love the retero look jerseys. Are the Bills a surprise team? No one beats KC that bad in KC.

20. Arizona Cardinals - Kevin Kolb shows that a good QB can turn around a team faster than any other player.

21. Kansas City Chiefs - 41-7 loss at home and lost their All Pro Safety in the process...that hurts.

22. St Louis Rams - Good news is Sam Bradford is not hurt, bad news is that Stephen Jackson is (and you lost bad at home).

23. Washington Redskins - I cannot put them too high because I think they stink (prove me wrong!).

24. Indianapolis Colts - No Manning no win, could be a new slogan.

25. Minnesota Vikings - Donovan McNabb didn't look younger than last year.

26. Miami Dolphins - The defense gave up some 600 yards to the Patriots.

27. Seattle Seahawks - How many games until Charlie Whitehurst starts?

28. Carolina Panthers - Is Cam Newtown the real deal, or is Arizona's pass defense that bad?

29. Cincinnati Bengals - They handled the Browns on the road for a nice W, could be the last one for a while.

30. Tennessee Titans - Hasselbeck to Britt could be a lethal combo.

31. Denver Broncos - Fans were demanding Tim Tebow start last night, I don't see how he could do much worse.

32. Cleveland Browns - Lost, at home, to the Bengals who were starting a rookie QB...Madden curse?

Friday, September 9, 2011

2005 Draft

I find it very odd that the 49ers now have 3 of the top 9 picks from the 2005 NFL draft. Was there something about 2005 that the 49ers love? Well if we look at the top of that draft we can see it was a very bad overall draft, at least at the top 10 selections due to injury or personal problems.

1. Alex Smith - 49ers

Smith was suppose to be a savior but it never worked out due to changes in coach and scheme every season he played. He also suffered injuries due to a bad offensive line but even when he has had talent around him he has yet to flash brilliance. He is a maybe this year type of player.

2. Ronnie Brown - Miami

Brown was a Pro Bowl RB who was having a monster year in 2007 before suffering a very bad injury and so far has never been the same. He is now on the Eagles as a back up.

3. Braylon Edwards - Cleveland

Braylon Edwards has had an average career but he did have a monster 2007 season and went the Pro Bowl, he is now on his 3rd team.

4. Cedric Benson - Chicago
Benson has become a nice RB for the Bengals after falling out of favor in Chicago, he has also been arrested 3 times since 2008.

5. Carnell "Cadillac" Willaims - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cadillac had a great rookie year but suffered a career changing injury and never was the same, he is now a back up in St Louis.

6. Adam "Pac-Man" Jones - Tennessee Titans

Pac-Man Jones is currently on the Bengals roster, this being his 3rd team in 4 seasons. He was famously arrested for a Las Vegas shooting and has missed the 07 and 09 seasons.

7. Troy Williamson - Minnesota Vikings

Troy Williamson never had more then 37 receptions in a season and had 4 career touchdowns, he last played for Jacksonville in 2009.

8. Antrel Rolle - Arizona Vikings

Antrel Rolle is probably the best of the high picks, he had a solid career in Arionza. He made the Pro Bowl in 09 with the Cardinals and 2010 with the New York Giants were he is currently one of the highest paid safety's in the league (he was a CB for most of his career in Arizona).

9. Carlos Rogers - Washington Redskins

Carlos Rodgers spent adequate years as a CB for the Redskins. In the NFL you sometimes need guys like Rodgers who stay injury free and can play average every game. He signed with the 49ers this off season.

10. Mike Williams - Detroit Lions

Mike Willaims missed his final year of college eligibility at USC and was still drafted #10 overall in 2005. Williams is currently on his 4th team, but made some strides last year for the Seahawks, catching 65 passes and scoring 2 TD's which doubled his previous career high, he now stands as 4 TD's in his entire NFL career.

I cannot say I have followed every draft but this one seems like it was really bad at the top. There was a lot of talent to be had in 2005, such players as:

#11- DeMarcus Ware - Cowboys

#12- Shawne Merriman - Chargers

#13 - Jammal Brown - Saints

#24 - Aaron Rodgers - Packers

#27 - Roddy White - Falcons

#32 - Logan Makins - Patriots

All of these players have made the Pro Bowl.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

NFL 2011 Predictions

Here is my yearly NFL predictions, not always correct but always fun to do. Last season I predicted 7 out 12 teams correctly to make the playoffs. I did predict the Packers exact record though so at least I had that going for me. I included a more in depth playoff prediction this year around, even though those are usually very hard to predict. Hope you have fun looking at my predictions.


New England Patriots 14-2
New York Jets 11-5*
Miami Dolphins 6-10
Buffalo Bills 4-12

Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3
Baltimore Ravens 12-4*
Cleveland Browns 6-10
Cincinnati Bengals 3-13

Indianapolis Colts 10-6 (with Manning)
Houston Texans 9-7
Tennessee Titans 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11

San Diego Chargers 9-7
Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
Oakland Raiders 5-11
Denver Broncos 3-13


Philadelphia Eagles 12-4
New York Giants 9-7
Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Washington Redskins 3-13

Green Bay Packers 13-3
Chicago Bears 8-8
Detroit Lions 8-8
Minnesota Vikings 5-11

New Orleans Saints 12-4
Atlanta Falcons 12-4*
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5*
Carolina Panthers 4-12

St. Louis Rams 8-8
Seattle Seahwaks 6-10
San Francisco 49ers 6-10
Arizona Cardinals 5-11

PLAYOFFS - Wild Card

Jets over Colts

Chargers over Ravens

Falcons over Rams

Buccaneers over Saints


Patriots over Chargers

Jets over Steelers

Packers over Falcons

Eagles over Buccaneers


Patriots over Jets

Eagles over Packers


Patriots over Eagles