Monday, December 21, 2009


#22 - Buba Ho-tep (2002) Probably one of the least well known movies you see on my list, Buba Ho-Tep is one of the most unusual stories I have seen. The movie is about Elvis living in a rest home. Elvis and an African American JFK take on a soul sucking mummy who is out to get souls of dying or older folks. Yeah, so its not your typical every day movie but it is damn good. I was able to see it a few times in its very limited release. I am a big Bruce Campbell fan but the movie is also well written and hilarious. This is a movie that shows if you have a real passion in making your film you do not need a huge budget or special effects, in Bubba Ho-tep the acting and story provide all you need. Ossie Davis was a well established actor who saw something in this movie, and am glad he saw the potential in the film, his performance is funny and true as a dyed black JFK. Of course Bruce Campbell is just about the entire movie. He really can act and shows why he has such a cult following by playing a dying Elvis. By the time of the ending you really care about the characters and how far they have come.

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Wesley said...

I'm glad you and Brian told me about this movie when it came out. I really enjoyed it. I wish I could have seen it in theatres.