Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Great, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly films of Nicolas Cage

I just saw the film Knowing the other day. I have been noticing Nicolas Cage has been showing up in werider and weirder roles lately. It sort of got me to thinking, what happened to Nic Cage? He is an Oscar winning actor who is still in a some what prime of his career. I have seen him act well before, and I think the guy has some charm and can be really funny. So Nicolas, what happened? Why are you taking on roles like Bangkok Dangerous and Knowing, when you could strive for better movies? I guess I don't have a definitve answer. I do enjoy seeing him in movies and I think he is as funny as his hair pieces. I just think Cage should strive for the better roles, maybe hook up again with the Coen brothers and get a Travolta like comeback going on. Here are his Great, Good, Bad, and Ugly movies that he has starred in, not including animated voice films.  (I will admit I haven't seen all of these but some I know are just bad i.e. The Wicker Man)

Great: Raising Arizona, Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation,  Face/Off

Good: Moonstruck,  Valley Girl,  Honeymoon In Vegas, The Rock, Con Air, Snake Eyes, Bringing Out The Dead, Windtalkers, Matchstick Men, National Treasure 1 & 2, World Trade Center

Bad: It Could Happen To You, City Of Angels, 8MM, Gone In Sixty Seconds, The Family Man, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Weather Man, Knowing, Lord Of War, Amos & Andrew, Guarding Tess

Ugly: Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous, The Wicker Man

After making the list it seems like the quality of films has dropped of late. The man sure has an interesting career filled with all types of roles. I am think he is a good actor, I just question is choices of late. He has some more interesting films coming out too. Kick-Ass is based off a comic book, I have read the comic and am looking foward to it. After that he is a doing a Werner Herzog movie called Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. The man is all over the place with his roles. I know it shows he can act in anything but maybe he should not try to do that and stay with the good movies. How did he go from this...

To This...

 maybe all of this has something to do with it? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MLB 09 Predictions

AL East

Boston               97-65
New York          94-68*
Tampa Bay        91-74
Toronto             84-78
Baltimore         73-89

AL Central
Minnesota          90-72
Chicago              88-74
Kansas City       82-80
Cleveland          78-84
Detroit               77-85

AL West
Los Angeles      89-74
Texas                 80-82
Oakland            79-83
Seattle               69-94

NL East
New York           99-63
Philadelphia       94-68*
Atlanta                84-77
Florida                 81-81
Washington        65-97

NL Central

Chicago           101-61
Cincinnati        90-72
St. Louis           87-75
Houston           83-79
Milwaukee       75-89
Pittsburgh        71-91

NL West

Los Angeles            86-76
Arizona                   84-78
San Francisco        79-83
Colorado                 72-90
San Diego               62-100

*- Wild card

World Series- New York Mets Over Boston Red Sox

- I didn't even mean to pick the Giants and A's with the same record. I guess I pick the Mets because they have seemingly solved the bullpen problems with getting Franky Rodriguez and JJ Putz, both have been All-Star closers before. The Red Sox have amazing pitching all around. They have a lot of team players and will be better off without Manny. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flea Market Report

Went to the Flea Market last Sunday in search of more NES games to add to my collection. I started the day off by seeing a guy who had a bunch of games in a box, he wanted $5 a piece. He even had a game in a box, rare to say the least. I ended up buying just one game off him. Maniac Mansion. It came in a slip case and also has the instruction booklet and mini-poster. Not a bad find for $5, it works too! The game is pretty cool. It will take a lot of time to beat but its unique and well worth the cost.

Second game of the day was Bases Loaded II: Second Season. I usually stay away from NES sports games (besides Tecmo Bowl & Baseball Stars) but I have heard good things about this game. I asked the seller, they wanted 2 bucks and I decided to take the deal. I played the game and its hard as shit. I couldn't manage a hit and playing the field is a joke. I am glad I only threw down a few bucks for the game. I do like the pitcher vs. batter graphics, its from behind the picther. I usually don't see that in games. I will maybe try the game a few more time, well see.

Last purchase of the day was a two for one deal. Some guy was selling games and said 2 bucks each. He didn't have agreat selection but I saw Skate or Die so I picked that up. I also saw a game called Abadox, which I actually read about the night before. So I nabbed both games for a cheap price.

So far I played some of Skate or Die, couldn't really figure out how to control the skateboarder kid and gave up for now. After that I threw in Abadox, the game is not bad. Its like a shooter game and its pretty fuckin hard. You have to start over and over unless you reach a certain part of level, and its not for a while. You also lose all of your weapon upgrades when you die, which really hurts since the levels get harder. I think I played in twice and got to the third level but gave up since I lost my weapon upgrades. This is a game I would have probably loved back in the day. After that I gave up and went back to playing Ducktales.

Well thats up Flea market round up for last Sunday. Look for more updates soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warner a 49er?

I usually don't mention talks about certain players going to certain teams but I find all this Kurt Warner possibly going to the 49ers talks interesting. First off Warner will not around for too long and is not going to have the aresonal he had in Arizona, namely Boldin and Fitzergald. But if this is the ONLY way to keep him from tearing up the niners then why not?

Warner has has a long and annoying history of tearing up the 49ers, it started back in St. Louis and years later it came back when he went to the Cardinals and revived his career. All of which lead to him going to the Superbowl with the Cardinals last year. I would not think Warner would put up the same numbers like he did last year. He is an aging veteran and his signging most likely would mean the 49ers would bypass a draft pick QB if they signed Warner. For instance, lets say Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez some how manages to fall down big time and the niners have a chance to get him, it is my thinking (from watching many terrible drafts) they would pass on him because they signed Kurt Warner for two years. I would rather them draft the young guy and get someone like Jeff Garcia to start, for at least one year. He would be cheaper and more mobile.

In my opinon I can see why the niners want Warner, he is a proven veteran QB and could make the difference from the team going 7-9 and 9-7. That could mean a playoff spot since the Seahawks still seem a few years from getting back in the playoffs. He has superbowl experience, is a nice god loving man, etc... BUT he is old, cannot run, and the niners think signing Brandon Jones at WR for five years is the answer!

Whatever happens the interest is sort of interesting in itself. Warner wearing a 49ers uniform would look weird but at least it would mean he would no longer be playing against us. I will be following this story closely.