Sunday, December 20, 2009


#24 - District 9 (2009)District 9 is why they created the sci-fi genre. Neil Blomkamp created a movie which is about aliens who have crashed landed in Johannesburg, South Africa yet the movie is so much more. Really well done sci-fi movies are critique's on the real world and District 9 does just that. I wont go into too much detail but needless to say the movie is just an amazingly well done film and Blomkamp has already made a name for himself after just this one film. Actor Sharto Copley stars in the movie as Wikus Van De Merwe, a man who is responsible for keeping the aliens of District 9 in check. Copley gives a really heartfelt performance as man who we despise yet come to sympathize with. The movie really gives you a great look into the world of the Prawns, they make it feel so real and possible...not easy to do in our CGI culture. I found that District 9 left me wanting to see more of the world it created. The movie has already garnered some critical nominations including a Golden Globe nomination for best screenplay. There is talks of a sequel, I cannot wait!

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