Wednesday, December 23, 2009


#13 - Bowling For Columbine (2002) Michael Moore shows that one man with a passion and camera can make a well done movie that really delves into the culture of America. Bowling for Columbine takes a look at the
fear we have as Americans, and how guns, media, and our nation wants us scared to keep us in check. After seeing the movie it made my eyes open to the world around me and how I see things. The movie is not afraid to go after who they think are responsible and hold them accountable, some even face to face. Michael Moore does have an agenda, but his points are all valid and he shows how they are during the movie. It was my favorite movie in 2002 and still hold up to this day. The movie won Best Documentary in 2002 proving that it was just a great movie.

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Wesley said...

The movie makes my spine tingle every time I watch it... actually, one time I even had to stop watching it, because I couldn't bare what I was hearing....

and plus, I remember seeing this one with you too...and the weather that night was crazy!