Monday, December 21, 2009


#20 - There Will Be Blood (2007) Daniel Day-Lewis gives what I consider the best performance of the last decade in There Will Be Blood. The movie is about Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis) and his quest, no his need for oil. I was very moved and taken in by the total transformation Day-Lewis made to become Plainview, it was riveting acting. The movie is also very well done, the director Paul Thomas Anderson really paints the images like a mastermind. The movie looks beautiful and moves at an eery yet satisfying pace. The music by Jonny Greenwood really ads to the overall feel of the movie. I think this movie will stay with you after you see it because it really makes you think about the main character. There Will Be Blood won two Oscars one for Best Achievement in Cinematography and of course Day-Lewis won best actor but it was also up for 6 other academy awards including best picture. If you want to be so taken in by one mans performance I implore you to see There Will Be Blood.


Wesley said...

I thought Paul Dano was great in this film... I want this on blu-ray now that I think about it. So good. I'll drink your milkshake! I'll drink it up!

Colonel Mortimer said...

Wonderful pick, probably a Top Tener for me. I'm enjoying your countdown and glad that you are making it unique to your personal tastes. Props.