Friday, December 18, 2009

Honorable Mentions

If you do not like people having different taste in movies, I implore you to stop reading right now....still here? Okay you are going to have to be somewhat open minded. SPOILER alert, you will not agree or like many of these movies on my list. But that is what makes movies and cinema great! Everyone has their own tastes in film, what they love or what they hate. I am sure some people only see comedies and some only see art house films. Personally I saw a ton of movies from 2000-2009 and not all the movies I really liked even made this list. If you do decide to read my list please do not judge to harsh, this is just one film lover's opinion. I like action movies and funny movies a ton but I still enjoy a well made movie in general.

Without further wait, I present the movies which made an honorable mention but were not good enough for some reason to make my top 30 list:

Million Dollar Baby
Clerks II
The Departed
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Gran Torino
The Hangover
Finding Nemo
Best In Show
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
The Ring
High Fidelity
(500) Days Of Summer
The Hurt Locker
Iron Man
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


Wesley said...

I thought High Fidelity was late 90s?

Oh well... still cool to get a mention.

Mummbles said...

It came out in March 31 2000, so it was filmed in the year or so prior so it probably has that late 90's feel to it. 2000 does seem so long ago now...