Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old vs. New

Recently I went to the movies to see movies I have already seen. I know it may sound odd to some but I feel that seeing really good movies that I know that I like is sometimes better then risking your money on seeing a movie you may not like at all.

For example I had some time between jobs to see a movie, I had the options of seeing Lawless, The Possession, or seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark (that is the one with Indiana Jones) in IMAX. At the time I thought to myself that I can just easily go home and pop the Raiders DVD I have into my player or even wait a few days for the movie to be re-released on bluray and buy that set and watch it at home. For some reason I have feel cheated by so called IMAX showings in the past because AMC theaters in the Bay Area really only has one true IMAX theater. I know because I traveled some forty five minutes to see The Dark Knight  there once. I did have the time to kill and it had been a while since I had been to see a movie so I decided what the hell, I will waste $15 and go check out this Raiders, in the least I know its a good movie. I might have been swayed even more if it was the first time seeing the movie on the big screen but alas I had seen a midnight showing of it sometime ago.

I came away thoroughly impressed with the entire showing I saw. Like I had said I knew the movie was great but they really made the picture look amazing and not just that but the sound! I think it was the best sounding movie I have seen in a long long time. You could hear every punch, every whip, just amazing picture and sound. I even got a free mini poster on my way out! Re-watching a movie you know you love just might be the way to go. I could have tried to see Lawless or something else but in the end I think it would have just been a let down. Paying the little extra for a movie I own and have seen a lot still was a much better choice. I can't believe I forgot how amazing a movie Raiders is. I think it is in my top 3 Action/adventure movies of all time, if not #1. I was really glad that I decided to take a chance and see Raiders again.

I guess the Raiders experience did change me because last Monday I went out to see another movie I knew I really liked and had already seen a few times, but this time the movie was in 3D. Finding Nemo in 3D wasn't something I thought I must see! I just happened to be off that day because I was coming back from a funeral and me and my wife had the day off. My friend got us from the airport and we got dinner and looked up times to see what was playing. I knew my wife liked the movie and my friend was a Disney nut, so we decided to see a movie that we all had seen and loved before.

Again I ended up paying more then a regular showing, this time because it was in 3D. And again it ended up being totally worth it. I keep saying I will not see movies in 3D but of course it is hard not to when movies keep coming out in 3D. I would say I was somewhat impressed with the movie being in 3D. The good thing for me was that going into the movie I knew it was good already 3D or no 3D. I think the 3D added some depth to the movie, since it's all in the ocean they used the 3D to play around with the surroundings. Was it something totally necessary? No, probably not. But it was fun to see a beloved movie again on the big screen.

I know sometimes there are a lot of good possible movies being released. But I am now more eager to see those movie that I know will not let me down. Movies I love on the big screen again, seeing them with new eyes in ways I haven't seen them before. That is what movies are all about.