Wednesday, December 23, 2009


#14 - WALL-E (2008) In my opinion, Pixar's best film of the last decade is WALL-E. The movie that doesn't have much dialogue doesn't need any. This is a brilliant film which shows how far you will go for someone when you are in love. The movie also touches on global waste and how lazy Americans are. Not your typical made for kids feature here, but the thing is that it plays for kids and adults and I believe they both get something very rich out of seeing the film. WALL-E is also the cutest thing around since Gizmo from Grelmins popped out of that box in 1984. Some people were quick to point that WALL-E looks a lot like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit but please...WALL-E the film blows away that movie! Anyway the film looks beautiful and the scenes on earth I could swear were actual real sets. The second half of the movie takes place in space, and it never looked so amazing. WALL-E searches high and low for his robot love EVE and the ending is heartbreaking yet full of glee. If you want to see what I consider to the best family movie of the decade go and see WALL-E. The movie easily won the Best Animated Oscar and was also nominated for 5 other Oscars.


Wesley said...

Definitely enjoyed this movie and also making fun of the nerd on the elevator afterwards!

Mummbles said...

yah that made the movie experience enjoyable