Sunday, December 20, 2009


#25 - Snatch (2000) Snatch is a smart, funny, and savvy film from the mind of Guy Ritchie. Hot off the heels of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) the film world was eagerly waiting to see Ritchie's follow up. He did not disappoint at all. In fact I think he made his quintessential masterpiece. The movie has amazing actors like Brad Pitt and oscar winner Benicio Del Toro as well as Ritchie mainstays Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham (who got his first acting gig from Ritchie). I know the movie came out in 2000 but I just adored this movie for a long time.and have seen in way more then a hand full of times. The dialogue is so quick and fast you have to pay attention or watch it a few times to get it all. This is a clever and well done film which is as close to Tarantino as you may ever see. It is a shame about Ritchie because after this movie he never really had another huge hit. But RocknRolla (2008) showed a step in the right direction and I am eagerly waiting to see what he will do with Sherlock Holmes. Oh well at least I will always have Snatch to watch!

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Wesley said...

I love Snatch.


Seriously though, good movie.