Sunday, April 25, 2010

3D or not 3D

Ok so lately 3D has been bugging me, I like the notion of a movie being made better by seeing it in 3D and lately it seems that most movie companies make a movie into a 3D event because it makes more money that way. Avatar sort of started this craze on it's way to becoming the top grossing movie of all time. The movie was pretty good to me, and was worth seeing in IMAX 3D because it was filmed to be seen that way. I have no problem with Avatar (well besides that it wasn't even that great of a movie) but I wish it never started this whole 3D trend because now everything is being released in 3D, as the next 3D movie event! Please. Give me a fucking break. I cannot say I am not to blame, when I go see a movie with a friend they end up wanting to see it in 3D and being an avid movie goer (and usually a nice friend) I agree to pay the $3 extra and see it in 3D.

The recent movies I have seen in 3D are: Avatar, Alice In Wonderland, and Clash of the Titans. After seeing all three only one was really needed to be seen in 3D, Avatar. The others were not really needed to be in 3D because being in that medium did not add anything of great value to the story. Alice In Wonderland was an average movie to me, nothing really extraordinary going on and the 3D was not really used to make it better in anyway. Clash of the Titans is where I get pissed. So I learned there is two ways to do 3D, one is when they change the movie into 3D after the film is done which = shitty 3D. The other way is when the movie is actually filmed in 3D the entire way, which is the actual only way I will now see 3D movies.

I have also heard that 3D prices are on the rise, which is another thing I find to be lame. With more and more 3D movies out you think the price would decrease not increase. One major problem I have is that they do not allow you to reuse your 3D glasses (if they are the same ones you bought last time). Then they want you to recycle the glasses after the movie, I feel if I paid for them why the hell shouldn't I keep them? But then if I do keep them I just have like 4 pairs of useless 3D glasses. So I am saying maybe they cut you a discount if you have the 3D glasses, maybe just half off the extra $3 or something, nothing major but I feel there is a need for some sort of discount for people who already have purchased the glasses. Similar to when you bring your own bag to Safeway and get a small discount for not needing to use their bags, plus both examples save resources (or does anyone know if they re-use those glasses after the movie?).

The 3D craze seems hear to stay. I recently asked my dad, a movie goer since birth if he thought that 3D was just a passing fad. He said it usually has been in the past and I was hoping he was right. I don't see the need to see every movie in 3D. Yes the positive is that it leads to some cool visual effects and if used correctly can make a movie fun. It is also helping Hollywood to release some projects they may not get the green-light otherwise, and it is always good when movies make money because they can possibly make more movies or give someone new a chance to showcase their skills. But I also see the upcoming 3D releases on the horizon and 3D seems here to stay, at least for a while longer.

Upcoming 3D movies:
Shrek Ever After
Toy Story 3
The Last Airbender
Despicable Me
Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore
Step Up 3-D
Piranha 3D
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'Hoole
Jackass 3D
Tron Legacy
and many more....

So what I am seeing here is a lot of children's movies as well as a few horror movies. The one's that I would want to see is, Piranha 3D and Tron Legacy. I think I will pass on Jackass 3D, but it may be the first movie to have a 3D penis, so its got that going for it.

To be nice I will list the top movies that I think 3D has added to the movie. These films are Monster House, Avatar, and My Bloody Valentine. In fact I would say My Bloody would be almost unwatchable but the 3D made it into a fun movie, they did a good job using 3D on that one. I recently watched Avatar in non 3D, and to be honest I didn't think less of it. The movie is visually stunning either way and I could focus more on colors in regular 2D.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad Movie Screnning

Some people see a bad movie and feel ripped off. Sure today you put down $10 to see a movie and maybe even $3 more if you want to see it in 3D. But sometimes a bad movie can be so bad that it turns into something of a cult classic, or a movie you and your friends quote because, well, it just sucked so bad. I enjoy seeing some bad movies from time to time and just having a beer and saying what the fuck just happened?! I recently had a bad movie screening with a good friend, you can also read his blog here.

First up we watch a movie I had never head of. I was not aware of The Room a recent movie (2003). The brainchild behind the room is Tommy Wiseau he stars, directs, and wrote the movie. The movie had a brief theatrical run in 2003 but never found its audience until later on. Wiseau is said to be American, but his voice in the movie is best described as "Borat trying to do an impression of Christopher Walken playing a mental patient." The movie is so bad that it was awesome! There was at least 4 sex scenes in the first twenty minutes of the movie alone. The acting and line delivery was so bad that you couldn't help but think that the movie was made to get laughs. There are random times that the main characters will toss around a football, I was told this was because Wiseau wanted everyone to know that this was an American movie, and what is more American then throwing around a football? Overall the movie wasn't unwatchable bad but script is just so bad that its hilarious. Since the movies release it has gained a cult following and still plays at midnight in L.A. Wiseau actually shows up at many of these showing selling dvd's, t-shirts, and soundtracks to the film. Wiseau seems to be aware that his movie had a following even though it may not have been for the reasons he wished. Wiseau said “I'm happy, because I prepared all this stuff, and I wanted people to have a good time...When you see The Room, you can yell, you can scream, you can express yourself — that's the idea.". Here are some clips from The Room:

And the original trailer:

After The Room we started watching a movie which considered to the worst movie ever made, Troll 2. Troll 2 was not as fun to watch because unlike the room the dialogue was not even all that funny and the movie is just plain bad. I would consider it to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The effects are horrible, just kids decked out in cheap Halloween costumes. I seriously never thought the movie was released in 1990! I thought it was for sure an early 80's film with all the terrible effects. In fact the movie is so well known as being one of the worst movies ever made that recently they made a documentary called Best Worst Movie, a documentary all about the film Troll 2 and how it has a following and what the actors think when they look back at their time making Troll 2. Check out that trailer here:

Here is what is considered one of the worst line delivers in movie history:

And the original trailer:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giants 2010

Last year the San Francisco Giants made a huge leap, winning 88 games making a 16 game improvement from the year before. This year I wanted to go through the line-up and predict who I think will do good or bad, and throw out some stats. I will only stick with players who I know are starting this time. I did this last year as well ( 2009 Predictions).


C - Bengie Molina -- Molina is back, it was a tad surprising that they brought the big man back but I have no problems with it, besides he could be the slowest runner in MLB history. But he can command that staff (last two years he has worked with Cy young winner Tim Lincecum) and can still hit. With Buster Posey a good bet for a late season call up I am not sure how long Bengie will start.

Last Year I said: .280/ 15 HR/ 80 RBI
He Did: .265/ 20 HR / 80 RBI
2010 I Predict: .273/ 16 HR/ 72 RBI

1B - Aubrey Huff -- Wasn't with the team last year, but should get his fair share at 1B duties this year. I am not sure about his glove but I have heard he is average and he did used to play 3B so he should be okay. I think he could have a solid season, if nothing else he should be an offensive improvement over Travis Ishikawa, but I can also see them taking him out of games when they have the lead late in games.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: .241/ 15 HR/ 85 RBI
2010 I Predict: .262/ 15 HR/ 79 RBI

2B - Freddy Sanchez -- If only this guy could stay healthy! He came to the Giants in a late season trade and was an immediate upgrade at 2B. He got hurt though, and is hurt again to start this season. I believe once he is fully healthy he will be a vital part to the team.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: .293/ 7 HR/ 41 RBI
2010 I Predict: .297 / 7 HR / 75 RBI

SS - Edgar Renteria -- He is coming off a bad season last year, so the only way to go is up! He usually is the type of player who has a bad season followed by a much better season. I am also not sure how long he will start with Uribe around.

Last Year I said: .275/12 HR /65 RBI
He did: .250 / 5 HR/ 48 RBI
2010: .267 / 7 HR / 58 RBI

3B - Pablo Sandoval -- No one including me could have ever imagined the break out season that Pablo had last season. Yes, he should have been an All-Star but the guy can flat out hit and had a monster season. He is easily the best hitter on the team, and with some discipline at the plate could be a great.

Last Year I said: .325/ 12 HR/ 84 RBI
He Did: .330/ 25 HR/ 90 RBI
2010 I Predict: .319 / 26 HR / 97 RBI

OF - Aaron Rowand -- He switched to lead off role for the team last year, which hurt his RBI total. He is not a typical lead off man but he did well when he was leading off last year. He tends to get in funks from time to time.

Last Year I said: .288/15HR/74 RBI
He Did: .261 / 16 HR / 64 RBI
2010: .276 / 13 HR/ 60 RBI

OF - Mark DeRosa -- The Giants signed DeRosa because he can play OF. 2B, 3B and he can hit the ball for some power and is a good RBI man, well good for the Giants anyway. Like all hitters who go to AT&T Park I look for some of his number to dip. I am glad to have him on our team, I was very upset Giants didn't get him for last years playoff push.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: ..250 / 23 HR / 78 RBI
2010: .280 / 20 HR / 85 RBI


Tim Lincecum -- Two years in a row this young man has won the Cy Young. That alone is just crazy! I am so glad he is on our team that we resigned him up for more years. He is always fun to watch and I see no reason why he will not have another great season.

Last Year I said: 16-8/ ERA 2.76/ 240 K’s
He did: 15-7 / ERA 2.48/ 261 K's
2010: 17-6/ ERA 2.57/ 259 K's

Matt Cain -- Cain finally got the run support that always alluded him and was able to make the All-Star team. A lot of people think Cain can still do even better if everything goes right. He is also still younger then Lincecum.

Last Year I said: 14-12/ 3.64 / 180 Ks
He did: 14-8 / 2.89 / 171 K's
2010: 15-9 / 3.20/ 175 K's

Barry Zito -- Zito who has struggled with the club finally made some nice improvements last year. He lowered his ERA more then a run and was more consistent with his pitching. He is still not worthy of how much he makes, but if he can have another nice year I think I will be happy.

Last Year I said: 12-13/ 4.54/ 120K’s
He did: 10-13 / 4.03 / 154 K's
2010 : 11-12 / 4.21 / 142 K's

Jonathan Sanchez -- His no hitter was awesome to see last year and this guy still has some nasty stuff, but that's never been the problem with him. He just needs to trust his stuff and make good decisions and he could be an all-star like guy.

Last Year I said: 11-13/ 4.33/175K’s
He did: 8-12 / 4.24/ 177 K's
2010: 12-10 / 4.08 / 183 K's


Bullpen - Brian Wilson had another outstanding season as the closer and set up men Jeremy Affledt, Sergio Romo around the bullpen is becomming a strength of the team. Brandon Medders, up an comer Dan Runzler also round out the bullpen corps.

Bench - Juan Uribe had a perfect season for a back-up player last year. He could fill in at SS, 3B, or 2B and he is sure to get a lot of at bats this year. Eugenio Velez is a young speedster who could also play anywhere in the OF and also can play some SS/2B if needed. I always thought he could have a good year if given the chance, but he is becoming very valuable off the bench and made many clutch hits last year.

Last year was a nice step forward for the Giants. The pitching is the strength and they tried to upgrade and keep the core players from last year, which they did! They had the most wins for a non-playoff team in the NL last year and I think if they make a few moves they can make the wild card in 2010. Either way it will be fun to see what happens!