Monday, December 21, 2009


#21 - Spider-Man 2 (2004) Having the origin story out the way Spider-Man 2 was open to jump right into the next chapter, and proved to be one the best comic book movies ever made. The cast is all back, but this time the villain of the movie is Dok Ock who is played to a tee by Alfred Molina. His Dock Ock is not a typical villain, he is someone who you can feel for. Of course we also see Peter Parker moved out and struggling with his life and love life with Mary Jane. The movie really throws you into the world of Spider-Man and how it is in his world with his everyday struggles. The action is bigger and better and the effects work perfectly. The subway chase scene is pure genius and the movie never ceases to be fun and entertaining, just like a comic book! I love comic book movies (you see a lot of them on my list) but Spider-Man 2 is a perfect mix of comic books and film. Bravo Mr. Raimi.

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