Monday, July 9, 2012

Saving for September

In my previous blog I mentioned my excitement about a few blurays being released in August, especially my all time favorite movie Jaws. Since then I have signed up for amazon prime account and have been getting a lot of emails from them about upcoming releases and I have come to a conclusion that September may personally be the best bluray release month ever. Check out all these titles that I would buy if I had the means (not to say I do not plan on buying all of these, maybe just at a later date).

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection - Hitchcock has long been one of if not my all time favorite directors and I have eagerly been awaiting many of his classic films on bluray. This set features 15 of his films: Saboteur, Shadow Of A Doubt, Rope, Rear Window, The Trouble With Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, Marine, Torn Curtain, Topaz, Frenzy, and Family Plot. At least 6 of these are my all time favorites and the set has even a few I have yet to see but am eager to watch. I have somehow managed to not buy any Hitchcock blurays yet (I've been really close though) so this set would be really worth if for me or any Hitchcock fan that wants to upgrade their collection. The set is also limited (not sure what that entails) so you may have to get it sooner rather then later. It retails for $300 but is on amazon right now for $225 with a release date of September 25, 2012.

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures - I love the adventures of Dr. Jones so this set is a must have for me. Sure the latest movie really didn't live up to my expectations  but the first three are some of the best action/adventure films ever made. I have recently been watching some of the films on cable (TBS or TNT...I think) and the movies already look like bluray quality, so I am interested to see if these will just be the same quality or even look better. I am really eager to see what extras come in the set as well. One thing I was hoping for was the original poster artwork on each individual casing in the set. So far it seems that this is not the case, I still think this is a head scratcher why they don't use those posters on the blurays, they are amazing pieces of artwork. The set retails for $100 but can be found on amazon for $75 right now and the set will be out on September 18!

Marvel's The Avengers - A recent movie but still one that really was worth the hype and did justice what was some of the highest expectation put on a movie in the last 5 years. I call this The Avengers but I guess it is now being released as Marvel's The Avengers, just in case you had no idea Marvel was in charge. There is  5 different releases of this on bluray/dvd. If you don't have any marvel comic movies on bluray but loved them all their is a huge set called Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One -- Avengers Assembled, this set includes: The Avengers 3D bluray, Captain American 3D, Thor 3D, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and the Incredible Hulk plus a few extra discs which total 10 for the set. I personally am not into the 3D gimmick as much as everyone else, especially 3D at home. So I am going for the Avengers set in the bluray packaging. This set has a lot of the extras I am looking for and is $25 right now on amazon, down from the retail pricing of $40. Marvel's The Avengers will be released the same day as the Hitchcock set, September 25th!

The Game - Since my first cinematic viewing in 1997 I have loved this David Fincher film, which I still feel is very underrated. I am so happy to see The Game not only come out on bluray but get the Criterion label on it. The Criterion Collection pretty much guarantees the best special features and that the director has approved everything in the set (not some studio head). I am eager to see the commentary track and delve into the extras. If you haven't seen The Game please go out and do that ASAP, or wait to watch the bluray and see it in all of its glory. The set priced at $40 but can be found at amazon for $28 and the release date is set for September 25th as well. 

Halloween III: Season of the Witch - Long known as the Halloween movie without Michael Myers that no one likes, Halloween III has become sort of a an underground success. After Halloween and Halloween II John Carpenter was looking to get out of just making Michael Myers movies and tried to keep the Halloween series going, but in a new direction. I remember thinking, like everyone else, no Michael Myers no way this will be good. But having revisited this movie a few years back I started to enjoy it for what it was and now its a personal favorite and a must watch every October. The set also features commentary with the director as well as fan favorite actor Tom Atkins! The set also has many other extras that I will love to see! Another really cool little extra is that they have some new artwork on the cover, personally I love the look of this artwork but if you want to have the original movie poster artwork you can simply turn over the wrap and have the original poster as your bluray cover! I find that a really cool little extra in an already impressive set. They are also releasing Halloween II in a similar set on the same day, September 18th is the day you can find both Halloween II & III on bluray in these special editions. Each bluray is priced at $30 but can be found at amazon for $20 or you can directly order from Shout and get an extra bonus if you are one of the first 500 people to order the bluray, act fast!

Ed Wood - A great movie by Tim Burton, Ed Wood should not be missed by lovers of Burton/Depp or people who love movies about movies. The cast is impressive, my guess is that if this movie was released after Johnny Depp did Pirates of the Carribean he would have easily been nominated for an Oscar. At least Martin Landau won an oscar for his roll as Bela Legosi and it pulled in a best make-up oscar as well!  I am excited to add this to my list of great dvd's that need a bluray replacement, of course it might take me a long time to add this after buying so many of the other titles you see on this list. Ed Wood is being relased September 18th with a listed price of only $20 and is on sale for $15 right now! that is why I am saving for September!