Saturday, April 25, 2009

49ers Top Ten Draft Picks (since 1980)

I was looking over the 49ers draft picks today(draft day) and thought I would make up a list of the top ten picks they have made since 1980. Here you go 49ers fans!

10. Julian Peterson- 2000, 1st round, 16th- Peterson was a great linebacker who suffered from being selfish. The 49ers weren't that great a team when he was around and to keep him they had to apply the franchise tag to him twice. He later went on to play for the Seahawks, he would always step up his game when he played the 49ers. He now is on the 0-16 Lions, justice served.

9. Patrick Willis- 2007, 1st round, 11th- Willis is higher on the list because he has only played two seasons. So far he is one of the best LB's I have seen drafted by the team. He was defensive rookie of the year and has made the Pro-Bowl. The skys the limit with Willis.

8. Frank Gore- 2005, 3rd round, 1st- I remember when the 49ers drafted Gore, it seemed like a straight up steal. I would have taken him over the guy they did take #1 (Alex Smith) any day. Gore is a tough runner and reciever. I think he was a steal for going in the third round. I think Gore will be around for a long time. 

7. John Taylor-1986, 3rd round, 21st- John Taylor goes mostly unnoticed, except for the game winning catch he had in Superbowl. He was a very talented WR who paved the way for Jerry Rice to get open. He was also known as a great blocker and possesion reciever. He was a two time pro bowler and would often go without mention in the media. For real 49er fans Taylor will never be forgotten. 

6. Roger Craig- 1983, 2nd round, 21st- Roger Craig holds many good memories in the hearts of 49er fans. He was our main Halfback during the 80's Superbowl run(s). He was kind of more like RB's today in that he could also catch the ball besides being a good runner. He was never the biggest or fastest but he had the determination to get the job done. He was a 4 Time Pro Bowler and his career average of 4.1 ypc is great. He will also be known as the player who fumbled in the NFC Championship game and cost the 49ers another chance at a superbowl. Oh well. He was a great value for the 2nd round. The next RB taken after him in the 83 draft was Johnny Hector, anyone ever heard of him?

5. Charles Haley- 1986, 4th round, 14th- Haley was taken in the same year as Taylor. That was a good draft! The 49ers were looking for some D to go along with there amazing West Coast Offense. They took Haley in the 4th round in 86 and the guy has an awesome career. He was a 5 time Pro Bowler and won numerous superbowls with the 9ers and Cowboys. In 1990 he was voted an All Pro and had 16 sacks. Haley was a scary looking guy. After his run with the Cowboys he re-joined his original team in 1998 and retired a year later.

4. Terrell Owens- 1996, 3rd round, 28th- Well, what can you say...he was a great WR and play maker and an asshole. He is an amazing talent and if he kept his mouth shut could have been the best WR to ever play. He was a great pick for being taken in the 3rd round. T.O. has been pretty much kicked off or demanded a trade from every team he has played on. He is 6 Time Pro Bowler (4 with the 9ers). He is now getting up in age but can still produce, he will be on the Buffalo Bills next year. 

3. Bryant Young- 1994, 1st round, 7th- Bryant Young was the T.O. opposite. He was a quiet man who lead by example and was team leader because of it. He had a great 13 year career (all with the 9ers). He was a 4 time Pro Bowl player as well. He was really just a great player and he never once complained or whined, he was the last player left from the 1994 superbowl team. He will also be remembered for his broken leg injury and being voted as comeback player of the year the year after. He is what the red and gold are all about. 

2. Ronnie Lott-  1981, 1st round, 8th- I dont think I need to say too much here. Hall of Fame Saftey should be enough. But I will say, the hardet hitter I have ever seen play. He gave up his pinky to play in a game. WOW, i mean seriously, he lost the tip of his pinky so he could stay in a game. He was a 10 time pro bowl player and the best saftey to ever play in the NFL.

1. Jerry Rice- 1985, 1st round, 16th- a 16 year run with the 49ers, a 13 time Pro Bowl player, and holds about all WR records. Yeah not bad for going 16th overall in 85 draft. You think the Jets didn't hate themslves forever for taking WR Al Toon before Rice? I guess it haven't mentioned it but all of this was Bill Walsh. The guy was mastermind at making picks. Rice is known as THE best reciever ever. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Traller Park Old School Editon

Just had some random thought, what is the best trailer you have ever scene? I know a lot of people will have many different memories of what is best. But I just watched this T2 trailer from 1991 and it got me thinking how much this trailer made me want to see the movie. I did a little bit of looking up opinons, but if you read this let me know what your favoite is. I looked up this one, it is bad ass! They sure dont make em like this anymore.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I am excited about the Draft, I usually watch the first round or so. It tends to get boring after a while. I really think teams should be given less time to make a pick. What is it now? 15 minutes a pick for the first round? And now ESPN has chosen to make the draft start at 1PM, which will make it go way long into the night. With all the hype leading up to the draft, I understand that teams need some time but seriously, I think 10 minutes for the first round and then like 2 minutes after that. Imagine how cool it would be seeing them rapidly make the picks. We could have the whole thing done in half the time. 

Another things is ESPN, remember when it used to be cool and rare to see highlights so you would turn on ESPN and wait forever just to see your teams highlights. Now if your team is on the West Coast or doesn't have a player named Manny or Kobe you never see highlights of your team, and if you do they are short. Sportscenter now brakes off into different shows. If you want to see baseball highlights you watch Baseball Tonight (which I like), if you want to basketball highlights (and you do not have Kobe or LeBron on your team) you watch their Basketball show (I forgot the title). Anyway the draft and Mel Kiper are everywhere! The things is that they do all these mock drafts and picks but they just do it all over when the draft starts. I guess what I am saying is that ESPN should focus less on what "might happen" and just make the actual draft more important. So in that vein I will make my draft prediction for the first 10 picks. My niners are drafting #10. Anyway can you recall the #10 pick last year? (Jerod Mayo by New England...if you were wondering)

1. Lions - Matthew Stafford QB: I think the Lions need a face of the future and the pressure in not taking a QB will make them go with Stafford. I mean looks at all those other great #1 QBs taken in the past. Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell, etc.. Anyway point taken, I would just take a good Offensive Lineman and save the QB for later. Lately it has been proven that you can get a good QB later on. 

2. Rams - Jason Smith OT: I think the Rams are slowly building up a team with good lines, they did have the #2 pick last year and got DE Chris Long who I didn't hear much about. He did have 4 Sacks last year, nothing fantastic but he could come around. The team needs a lot of players and just got with the best available. 

3. Chiefs - Aaron Curry LB: I think Chiefs go safe and with good reason. Seems that LB's are the safest picks to make lately. Patrick Willis comes to mind. From what I hear this guy is for real and could help the team who needs some D players. The offense is finally coming around with Cassell, Bowe, and LJ. They has so many close loses I could see them maybe make a playoff run...maybe.

4. Seahawks - Mark Sanchez QB: I would love to have this pick, they can go so many ways. I think they should take Michael Crabtree at this point, and they still may. Signing WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh could make them not take Crabtree, who will swooped up soon after. The team played terrible last year. They need a RB, WR, and QB. I think the upside of Sanchez it too much to pass up. Is he Plamer or Leinart? Since he will playing my team for a while I hope for the latter.

5. Browns- Eugene Monroe OT: The Browns can go in a lot ways here. I hear they will be trading WR Bralyon Edwards, if they do that then maybe the take Crabtree? This team is weird. They draft players with bad attitudes and eventually end up trading them. Winslow Jr. and possibly Edwards. I think Monroe would be a safe pick, a guy who goes unnoticed but is good for 8-10 years. With Joe Thomas anchoring the line, and adding Monroe they could have a great O-line and would lead the way for more rushing yards and better protection for Quinn or Anderson or whoever the hell they are going to start at QB.

6. Bengals- Andre Smith OT: Not a sexy pick, but they need someone who can help protect Carson Palmer. They have some questions and RB and this pick would also help with that. I am also thinking with TJ gone and Ocho Cinco wanting a trade, maybe they pull a draft day deal to get rid of old 85 and maybe they take Crabtree? I think they go with a lineman here.

7. Raiders- Michael Crabtree WR: How are the Raiders only drafting 7th? They sucked last year. Anyway they had like no good WRs last year and would love to take the sexy pick here. This time they don't mess it up, I think Crabtree is a great pick and would be the #1 WR they have lacked since Tim Brown (Randy Moss doesn't count since he wasn't trying). Another reason I am hoping he goes here is because he wont be in the NFC West!

8. Jaguars- Jeremy Maclin WR: Oh shit, we have a run on WRs! I think they want Crabtree but stick with the next best WR and take Maclin. They suffer from drafting terrible WR who never pan out. They could really use a great WR to help the offense. This team will rebound and have a much better year I bet. 

9. Packers- B.J. Raji DT: He could go way earlier, sorry I am no Mel Kiper, I am losing hair and he has too much. Anyway this guy is the talk of the town, but so was Glenn Dorsey last year and he has 1 sack, but a DT is never a huge sack guy. I think Packers just take the best guy and nab him and take the steal at #9.

10. 49ers- Brian Orakpo DE: I have heard this guys is cut and a great sack guy, we need someone like that. I have seen him go higher then #10, but the 49ers could use this guy. I think he comes from a school (Texas) that usually makes NFL stars and he could start right away. He also plays some OLB and we could use him at both position, which makes him even better to get. Niners need a pash rush! Please take him Mike, if he is still on the board!!

This guy looks badass! Will he be a 9er?

Monday, April 6, 2009

SF Giants 2009

Looking back on the 2008 season the Giants have much to look forward too and also a new look. We have moved on from the Barry Bonds era. In fact the team has a new icon in a scrawny white kid, quite the difference from the huge Bonds. Tim Lincecum was a sensation last year. The kid blew away the competition and won 18 games for a team that only won 72 last year. The team did try to get younger is most ways, there any many new younger faces and they are joined by a few veterans too. Giants are going into the 2009 season with a lot of question makes on offense, lots of unproven talent that hopefully will make some big steps and help the team get better. The pitching staff is stacked. Especially the starting 5. I think this is the best starting 5 in the NL, heck maybe even in the league. The bullpen has been bolstered by the additions of some vets as well. I still think the team should have gone after some bats in the off-season. I read that they will have money to after players IF they are still in the race when the trading deadline starts. I think this is bullshit, why wait to see if teams will give up players then? They are making excuses for why they didn’t address issues of need when they had the chance. Sure we might be able to nap some huge star but who? And for how long? I think the lack of proven hitting will lead to some losses; I think the team can be competitive but I just don’t see a big winning record. I think they will win around 80 games this year and hopefully develop some talent and sign someone who can hit the long ball. If all thing fall into place they could somehow make a good run at the division, but that’s a long a shot in my eyes. Here is a run down by position and how I think the players will do.

Starting Positions:

C – Bengie Molina – Last year Molina was clutch. He should have been an all-star. The guy plays gold glove like D, ends up with 95 RBI’s, and commands a pitching staff that produces a Cy Young winner. Big man gets no respect! I think Molina is a great guy to have on the team. He will be a great mentor to current up and comers Pablo Sandoval and maybe even Buster Posey. I look for Molina to hit around .280/ 15 HR/ 80 RBI.

1B - Travis Ishikawa – I am glad he won the starting nod at first. The guy is built and why is getting a great shot to prove himself. Of course this could be his last shot, he has had a few tries before this one. I think he will be a good player, he was tied for most HR’s in spring training but he is a not a long ball guy. I think he could earn a spot for good with a nice showing, of if nothing else he could become a good back up player. I look for these type numbers. .270/ 14 HR / 67RBI

2B – Emmanuel Burris – Burris had a good rookie year and an even better spring training to wing the starting spot straight out. Now he will have to prove he has the slick glove and can steal some bases. He is no long ball threat, but he is young and could prove to be a valuable source of speed and good D. I think he will have a pretty good year and could get some steals and much needed runs for the team. .290/ 3HR/ 35 RBI/ 27 SB

SS – Edgar Renteria – A proven hitter is a nice thing to have at short. Last year the Giants had almost no offense contribution from the SS position. Just signing the guy means we will have something better then we did last year. He had an off year in Detroit but he is coming back to the NL, where he hits much better. He may have lost a step but it’s nice to have a former All-Star on the team. Look for these type numbers. .275/12/65

3B – Pablo Sandoval – Ah yes, the Giant who everyone is looking forward to seeing for a whole year (me included). He looks like Tony Gwynn in his later years and also hit like him after his call up last year. In 41 games he hit .345 and had 24 RBI’s. The guy looks like he can hit for good average and get some RBI’s. Not so sure he has power but he did win a home run contest for the Dominican Republic. I can’t wait to see what he will do. I predict: .325/ 12 HR/ 84 RBI

OF – Aaron Rowand, Fred Lewis, and Randy Winn –

Rowand was the big signing last year but had a regular numbers season. He did go through some injury problems but I think having been around for a year and knowing more of the team and park will help rebound. He may never put up the numbers he did with the Phillies but he is a solid ball player. Looking for: .288/15HR/74 RBI.

Fred Lewis is a great hustle player who runs well and has a great arm. He is fan favorite because he hustles and goes full blast on every play. He is still somewhat young and still could grow. He put up solid numbers last year and I think he can better some if not most of his numbers from last year: .292/ 15 HR/ 57 RBI/ 22 SB

Randy Winn is another great player, he isn’t flashy but he is a good player and good teammate. He plays with a lot of heart and can get on hot streaks very quickly. He is getting up there in years, but this is a contact year for him. I would look for another good season from Winn. It is pretty easy to see what you will get from him: .288/ 10 HR/ 63 RBI/ 20 SB

Starting Pitchers:

Tim Lincecum – What else can the kid do? We all know he was a monster last year. He did it all, and won the Cy Young. The sky’s the limit for this kid. I don’t think he will let anyone down this year, but also he might not be able to do what he did last year. I still look for a solid year from the kid, and I cannot wait to see him baffle guys with his stuff: Record of 16-8/ ERA 2.76/ 240 K’s.

Randy Johnson – I was surprised the Giants were able to nab the big unit. He has a decent year last year for the b-backs. He will strike out a bunch of guys and if keeps healthy and starts 30 or so games he will easily get his 300 wins and have a good season. He does tend to give up more runs then he used to but I would look for these type numbers: 12-10/ 3.73/ 170K’s

Matt Cain – Ah Matt, you had another no luck year. Is this now a trend? I sure hope not because Cain had another great year but continues to be the least supported starter in the game. His bullpen also happens to blow it when he has a lead. I really feel for the guy, I have been following him since he was playing A ball in San Jose. I think if all goes well he will nod more wins, but either way he is a great pitcher: 14-12/ 3.64 / 180 Ks

Barry Zito – Barry has been here a few years and pretty much has been a disappointment. At least he is a cool guy. He always seems to get his shit together towards the end of the season, like he did last year. Too bad he starting out like 0-9. shit! I think he will do better, what else am I going to think?: 12-13/ 4.54/ 120K’s

Jonathan Sanchez – Sanchez was having a strong start to last season but towards the end it all just fell apart for him. He went from being 8-5 to 9-12 to finish the year. He is still very young and unproven, now is the season he can show how good he is. To be honest I don’t think he would be a fifth starter on a lot of teams. He usually strikes out 8 every time he pitches. He just needs to keep it together and have a break out season: 11-13/ 4.33/175K’s


The Giants Bullpen added some much needed veteran players. Jeremy Affeldt was good singing, they also got Bob Howry. Also getting back Merkin Valdez, who missed almost all of lat year will be nice. He was tearing it up before he went down due to injury. Also we have the All-Star closer in Brian Wilson. He was pretty good in his first year of closing duties. He still needs to work on throwing fewer pitches and to give up fewer runners. He did convert 41 of 47 saves last year. If the Giants get improved bullpen help look for more wins, they will no doubt have a lot of close games and the pen needs to get the ball in the hands of Wilson who can usually close the deal.

Giants have some good bench players. Rich Aurilia is a good player to have. He can man the corners and hits well in clutch situations. Eugenio Velez has nice speed and also had some nice hits off the bench last year, he can also play 2B/SS/OF. Juan Uribe is a veteran who can hit the ball if needed and plays 3B and SS; he also brings World Series experience. These players will counted on for much needed hitting and fielding to win games.