Sunday, June 28, 2009

My accidental stalking of Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson stands 6-10, he just won his 300th career game and is certain to one day be a hall of famer.Johnson has just been a Giant for just 15 starts this year, his first in a Giants uniform. I have somehow managed to see his last 3 starts in the last 3 Giants games I have been too. It was fine the first time it happened, the second time I just wanted to see someone else pitch, the third time in a row I gave up and just was happy to say I saw a future HOF pitcher 3 times in one year, heck in 12 days I saw him pitch three times! I am also glad to say that he pitched well in all the games I went too, and was 2-0 with 14 k's in the 3 games. Here is a brief rundown of the games.

June 13th - Giants win 5-2 over Oakland A's. Johnson pitched 7 innings only giving up 4 hits and 2 runs. He had 3 K's and pitched very solid in the game. 

June 19th - Giants win 6-4 over Texas Rangers. Johnson had his troubles in this game, he pitched 5.2 innings and was tagged for 4 er, to his credit he left with some guys on and the reliever gave up 2 of those runs. He ended up with 5 K's, and didn't get the decision. He did pitch well enough for the Giants to get a win on my birthday, so I thank him for that.

June 24th - Giants win 6-3 over Oakland A's (this game was in Oakland). Johnson again puts up solid numbers, 7 innings with only 1 er and 6K's against the A's. Side note, since I started watching Johnson his era goes from 5.14 to 4.68, needless to say I am somewhat a good luck charm to the big unit. It's sort of funny I went to all games which were inter league play.

How will the big unit due without me watching live next game? I hope as well with me there. I will miss you RJ.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Year In Bay Area Sports

I recently went to a Giants/ A's game and they paid tribute to the 1989 Giants team who made it but lost to a great A's team in the world series. It got me to thinking, wow both of the bay area teams made the world series in one year. And then I got to thinking about how the other bay area teams did that year. After looking it over 1989 was THE BEST year in bay area sports EVER! Here is why:

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers went 14-2, lead the NFL in scoring and was second in the NFL in defense. Joe Montana was MVP of the league as well as Super Bowl MVP. The 49ers caked walked into the Super Bowl with playoff wins of 41-13 over the Vikings and 30-3 over the Rams in the NFC Championship game. The super bowl was a total and complete blow out of the Broncos, 55-10 was the final. After the superbowl the 49ers remained a winning team for many years, finally going back to and winning the superbowl again in 1994.

Oakland A's

A's had what was an all star team in 1989. Rickey and Dave Henderson, Canseco, McGwire, Dave Parker not to mention there pitching staff where 4 out of 5 starters had 17 wins or more! Eck to close out the games, I am not sad that the Giants lost to this team. I think no one really stood a chance against them anyway. The A's went back to the world series the next year but lost, since then they have not returned to the series.

Golden State Warriors

Warriors 1988-1989 team features Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond, and Rod Higgins. The team ended with a good year featuring a 43-39 finish and a playoff series against the Utah Jazz who had the Malone and Stockton combination. They ended up sweeping the Jazz in the first round, I found out it was quite the upset in 1989 as the Jazz were considered to be huge favorites the Warriors eventually lost the Western Conference Semifinals to the Phoenix Suns. The Warriors have been back to the Western Conference Semifinals twice since then both times losing out. 

San Francisco Giants

The Giants were lead by Will Clark and NL MVP Kevin Mitchell in 1989. They had some clutch pitching lead by Rick Reuschel who was an all star and won 17 games of the Giants. The team beat the Chicago Cubs in the NL Championship series but were not match for the before mentioned A's, they would be swept in the series that was delayed 10 long days due to a massive earthquake. The Giants would return to the world series in 2002, again losing out to the Angels. 

San Jose Sharks?

They were not a franchise until 1992! But since they are around I would say the best year they has was 2003-2004 season when they reached the Conference Finals yet lost to the Flames. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ken Jeong

Over my time seeing movies you get to see the same actors over and over, sometimes an actor stands out but never gets a starring role when they should. Sometimes an actor like Bruce Campbell gets a few early starring roles and never gets that big role again. Characters actors often make a film much more enjoyable and many actors can make a nice career out of being in bit parts and then rise to film later on.

I recently saw The Hangover, which is just a good movie if you want to check your brain at the door and laugh your ass off. So getting to the title of this blog, I have noticed in the last few movies I have seen him in that Ken Jeong is a scene stealer. He also has notable roles in Knocked Up as a pissed off doctor who delivers the baby at the end of the movie. He has a smaller role, but if you get the chance to see or buy the movie I strongly recommend you get the two disc version. In the extras you see Jeong and Seth Rogen improv a lot more scenes that are worth watching.

Jeong also stole most scenes from the much underrated comedy Role Models. Jeong plays King Argotron and is again fucking hilarious. He obviously is well regarded by Judd Apatow since Knocked Up was directed by Apatow. Also look for Jeong in a small role in Pineapple Express, he has a limited role yet is great as an assassin. So getting back to the Hangover, Jeong has a role as a gang leader known as Mr. Chow. Once again Jeong just makes the movie even better and steals all the scenes he is in. SMALL SPOILER.....which includes him jumping naked out of a trunk of a car and kicking three guys asses with just a crowbar.

Jeong is also slated to have roles in many upcoming movies, seems Hollywood is onto this hilarious actor. He is set to have a role in the next Judd Apatow movie Funny People as well as roles in the following movies: All About Steve, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, and Couples Retreat to name a few. Its good to see great character actors get a break. Who knows maybe one day Jeong will star in his own film.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Flea Market Report

It has been a while since I last went to the flea, so glad I was able to go yesterday with my friend Dennis. Tons of NES games all over the place! I made out very well, here is the break down. First I saw a small box of games, the golden cartage of Zelda was visible. I looked in the box and this lady had like 10 or so games most of them looked in pretty good shape, as most have the black covers. The lady said 2 bucks a piece so I grabbed Legend of Zelda (the first one) and Tetris which I always wanted to own on NES. Dennis recommended I ask for 3 games for $5, I did and lady easily complied. I ended up grabbing James Bond Jr. as my last game of the three. Dennis said he played it once and it was pretty good.

Shortly after that I stumbbled upon some old Gensis games, I really buy more nintendo old games but I recenlty hooked up the good old gensis and was interested in getting some old games on it. I was looking down and I saw the Terminator for gensis. It has the box and booklet as well as the game, the guy said a buck and I thought, why the hell not. So I got The Terminator for the Gensis, I have played it and its okay so far. Not bad for a buck.

Like I said there was tons of games out yesterday and most were pretty cheap. I was looking through some old games, usually you see tons of the same games over and over. Yesterday I saw Back to the Future for the NES like at least 5 times. So I was looking and this one game just stuck out, the cartridge itself is very bland but the game is called A Boy and His Blob, so I got it for a buck. I played it and this game is really unique. Not sure if it is rare but the premise is fun and somewhat tricky. You are the main guy and all you can do is whistle for your blob OR feed your blob jelly beans, thats right jelly beans. BUT each jelly bean that the blob eats will give him the power to different things that help you get to new levels. At first I had no idea what to do in the game, but I was sort of dumbfounded when I learned that this is the whole purpose of the game. I will give this game props for originality. I guess the game has a follwing, they have since done a few more game sequels for other systems. What a find! Check out the cool box cover, wish I had it too.

I was commenting to Dennis on how you never see the classic games at the flea market anymore. I have been looking for this one game called Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers for a while, and I was just saying that you never see games like Mike Tysons Punch Out at because no one will sell the good games. We found this massive seller he has tons of bins to go through. I saw a lot of NES games, then I look down and saw Ninja Gaiden. I was really happy, it looked like I could get a classic game for cheap! Then I look under it and to my surprise sitting there is Mike Tysons Punch Out, since I already had the game I let dennis buy it. We got both the games for $1. I think dennis got a deal, if you see it on ebay its buy it now for 15-20 bucks. So that was my haul from yesterday, as well as a new pair of dickie shorts I made out like a bandit. Until next time.