Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Supporting Characters

This is a column about those actors who did a great job in some small role, but are people that I think really stand out when I see a movie. Todays supporting character comes the action defining movie, Die Hard.


De'voreaux White portrays what could be the coolest chauffeur in movie history. Argyle is a cool guy who loves big tips and rocking out to Christmas in Hollis my Run Dmc. He also happens to like chilling out in parking lots and tends to not notice buildings being taken over.

I think I recall Argyle so much because he is a cool cat and he and John McClane form an instant bond. Argyle just wants to chill and talk up some girls but when things go down he ends up using his limo as a tool for good and takes out some terrorists in the process.

Got to give it up for Argyle and De'voreux White's short yet memorable performance. White, really didn't blow up after his role he was mostly a TV show guy, and would go on to be in Frankenstein: The College Years in 1991 as well as playing Second Transvestite in the 2000 film Shadow Hours.

At least we all remember that cool and hip chauffeur who understood the problems between men and women in Die Hard, I salute you Argyle!


Colonel Mortimer said...

Wasnt he also one of Howard Hessman's students on Head of the Class?

Mummbles said...

Yes you are right on that one! I totally forgot about his 48 episode's as Aristotle McKenzie in Head of the Class.