Friday, January 8, 2010


#2 - The Dark Knight (2008)
Christopher Nolan creates the best comic book movie ever made in the stunning and brillant film The Dark Knight. With the origin story out of the way (this hinders most first time comic book movies) Nolan was able to get the plot started right away, this time the Joker is the bad guy and he sure is badass. Heath Ledger gave a perfect performance as the Joker. He is a villain that truly scares you because he is smart and yet unpredictable. The other villain of the film, is Two Face/ Harvey Dent and he is worked into the film really well, he starts off good but by the time his character is transformed it just works so well with the entire theme of the movie. You have some amazing shots here (I saw it on IMAX) and the film has a grit and makes Gotham a vital part to the movie. The moivie makes you look at what a real hero is, in this instance is taking the blame being a hero? You have Christian Bale as Batman, who almost takes a backseat to the viliians, but still gives life to the Bruce Wayne character. If you ever want to see how a comic book movie can become something bigger than no look for further than The Dark Knight.

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Wesley said...

this is a bad ass movie... everything was awesome about it... Ledger was amazing and when I watch it by myself in the dark I still get a little creeped out...

It is one of those movies where if you see it in its fullest details (i.e. Blu-Ray) it makes the viewing that much better.