Saturday, September 3, 2011

NFL 2011 Predictions

Here is my yearly NFL predictions, not always correct but always fun to do. Last season I predicted 7 out 12 teams correctly to make the playoffs. I did predict the Packers exact record though so at least I had that going for me. I included a more in depth playoff prediction this year around, even though those are usually very hard to predict. Hope you have fun looking at my predictions.


New England Patriots 14-2
New York Jets 11-5*
Miami Dolphins 6-10
Buffalo Bills 4-12

Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3
Baltimore Ravens 12-4*
Cleveland Browns 6-10
Cincinnati Bengals 3-13

Indianapolis Colts 10-6 (with Manning)
Houston Texans 9-7
Tennessee Titans 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11

San Diego Chargers 9-7
Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
Oakland Raiders 5-11
Denver Broncos 3-13


Philadelphia Eagles 12-4
New York Giants 9-7
Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Washington Redskins 3-13

Green Bay Packers 13-3
Chicago Bears 8-8
Detroit Lions 8-8
Minnesota Vikings 5-11

New Orleans Saints 12-4
Atlanta Falcons 12-4*
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-5*
Carolina Panthers 4-12

St. Louis Rams 8-8
Seattle Seahwaks 6-10
San Francisco 49ers 6-10
Arizona Cardinals 5-11

PLAYOFFS - Wild Card

Jets over Colts

Chargers over Ravens

Falcons over Rams

Buccaneers over Saints


Patriots over Chargers

Jets over Steelers

Packers over Falcons

Eagles over Buccaneers


Patriots over Jets

Eagles over Packers


Patriots over Eagles


Wesley said...

Noooo, not the Patriots!! But if that is true then that means my Fantasy Team is probably in playoffs too. Haha.

I'm saying 5 wins for 49ers. 6 would be nice though... I guess.

Mummbles said...

How dare you say 5? it will be 6 my friend!

Colonel Mortimer said...

Close to mine, though I would have the Texans win the division (news sounding worse and worse about Manning), the Lions sneak in as a wild card at 9-7 (if Stafford stays healthy) and the Cardinals winning the NFC West (seriously look at the Rams schedule, they may be a better team this year, but it's a killer).

The Niners could win anywhere between 3 to 8 games and I wouldn't be surprised.

Pats vs Falcons in Super Bowl (I predicted the last 2 NFC Super Bowl teams correctly!)

Mummbles said...

Cool predictions. I have Manning in my league with you so I am sorta scared, but I also have another injury prone Qb behind him in Stafford. Niners seem like they could win 5-6 games at home and maybe a few on the road. It is always what if's with them, they should have won in Atlanta and Carolina but didn't finish the games. Maybe Harbaugh gives them the missing piece, but it seems more like they will have some struggles. We both have the Patriots in the superbowl at least!