Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 2

1. New England Patriots - Having the same QB and coach for years means no lag to start the season for these guys.

2. Green Bay Packers - A close call playing the Panthers but were able to handle their business.

3. New York Jets - Threw a hurting on the Jags to the tune of 32-3

4. New Orleans Saints - Were able to sack Jay Cutler 6 times and the offense is clicking.

5. Houston Texans - Doesn't seem to matter who is running the ball this team is winning and has an improved defense.
6. Philadelphia Eagles - After Vick went out with a concussion the team wasn't the same, could prove to be a problem.

7. Detroit Lions- Stafford has not been sacked once in two games. They are for real.

8. Baltimore Ravens- Did a double take when I saw they lost, a huge step back to lose after taking out Pittsburgh.

9. San Diego Chargers- I think Ryan Matthews should be the #1 RB here, lost at New England... but who doesn't?

10. Atlanta Falcons - Nice bounce back win after a terrible start in Chicago. Falcons show they do not need Vick any longer.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Held the Seahawks scoreless, they needed that.

12. Chicago Bears - Might want to look into getting some offensive line help or a better back up QB.

13. Buffalo Bills - Still am not buying this team..yet. See how they do against the Patriots, still love the jerseys!

14. Washington Redskins - Rex Grossman led Redskins are 2-0....What?

15. Dallas Cowboys - If healthy they could be a team to reckon with.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Josh Freeman is starting to get a name for himself as a come from behind QB.

17. New York Giants - Team hasn't been to impressive so far.

18. Tennessee Titans - Nice win against the Ravens at home, Kenny Britt is the real deal.

19. Oakland Raiders - Crushing loss against the Bills, I think they are missing a certain All Pro Cornerback.

20. San Francisco 49ers- Couldn't hold the lead and the offense again couldn't get the run working.

21. Arizona Cardinals - Kolb, Wells, and Fitzgerald are becoming a great combination.

22. Cleveland Browns- Peyton wins in Indianapolis, Peyton Hillis that is.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars- Managed just 3 points, Blane Gabbert already got some snaps, shocker!

24. Carolina Panthers - Played well against the Packers, you can tell things are heading up in Carloina.

25. St Louis Rams - Stephen Jackson misses the game and Rams have a hard time scoring.
26. Minnesota Vikings - Were up 17-0 at the half, ended up losing 24-20.

27. Denver Broncos - A nice home win over the Bengals shows that anyone can win at home.

28. Miami Dolphins - Reggie Bush, the best back up RB you can ever have!

29. Cincinnati Bengals - Hey, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green played well...there is hope!

30. Indianapolis Colts - No Manning, no win.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - Lose another huge player in Charles and have been outscored 89-10 on the season.

32. Seattle Seahawks- Is this the worst offense in the NFL?


Colonel Mortimer said...

I continue to be amused by your Rex Grossman comments. But they currently lead the NFC East, will he have the last laugh.

I would have to say the Chiefs look like the worst team to me right now, outscored 89-10 and now losing their stud running back for the season.

Wesley said...

Toss-up between Chiefs and Seahawks for last spot, I agree...

I liked your Peyton Hillis comment, haha.

Mummbles said...

Glad you guys are enjoying the power poll!