Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 3

1. Green Bay Packers - That TE Finley went nuts with 3 TD grabs for a 27-17 win over Da Bears

2. Buffalo Bills - These truly are the best jerseys.... ever!

3. New Orleans Saints - Able to pull out high scoring win over a good opponent (Houston)

4. New England Patriots - Brady throws 4 INT's in one game, threw 4 all of last season.

5. Detroit Lions- Lions come from behind for dramatic win in Minnesota, Calvin Johnson cannot be stopped.

6. Houston Texans - Defense that I said was good proved me wrong, letting up 40 in loss to Saints.

7. Baltimore Ravens- WR Torrey Smith first 3 catches in the game were all TD's, they killed the Rams 37-7.

8. New York Jets - The mighty D gave up 34 to the Raiders and 171 rushing yards to McFadden.

9. San Diego Chargers- Took my advice and let Ryan Matthews run for 98 yards with 2 TD's, my fantasy team thanks you.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers - Probably should have beat the Colts by more than 3.

11. Dallas Cowboys - Who is NOT injured on this team?

12. Philadelphia Eagles - I know all they mention is Vick but LeSean McCoy is a very underrated RB.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - A nice home win against the Falcons has me thinking Bucs are in for a good season.

14. New York Giants - Last time I said they were not impressing me, this week's win in Philly has changed my stance.

15. Oakland Raiders - Raiders offense has been putting up big numbers so far, great team win against a good Jets team makes me wonder if they can contend.

16. Chicago Bears - Tough opening three games: Atlanta, New Orleans, and Green Bay...they could be in for some more wins in the near future namely at home vs. Carolina up next.

17. Washington Redskins - Rex Grossman led Redskins will not go undefeated this year!

18. Atlanta Falcons - This team's play has been puzzling to this point, perhaps Michael Turner's 20 yards on 11 carriers is a start...

19. San Francisco 49ers - Won in the first NFL game ever to finish with a 13-8 score! They are in sole possession of first in the NFC West.

20. Tennessee Titans - Win the game but have to be disappointed to lose Kenny Brit, who I just praised last week!

21. Cleveland Browns - Your 2-1 Browns, and they did it without Peyton Hillis who is suffering from Madden Curse.

22. Carolina Panthers - Panthers already with half their win total from last season!

23. Denver Broncos - Like the Cowboys, who on this team in not hurt? Tim Tebow for one..

24. Arizona Cardinals - This team may get no wins on the road this season.

25. St Louis Rams - Rams also have had a very hard schedule so far..at home vs. Ravens and Eagles and on the road against the Giants.

26. Miami Dolphins - Bright spot is rookie RB Daniel Thomas who has taken over the RB situation.

27. Cincinnati Bengals - Failed to put up many points after being in a few goal line situations vs. 49ers.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Blaine Gabbert era begins with a safety.

29. Minnesota Vikings - After being up 20-0 they end up losing 26-23 in OT.

30. Seattle Seahawks- Seahawks home crowd somehow propels this team to win, may be best player on team.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - After some blowout losses they played better but still lose 20-17.

32. Indianapolis Colts - Ready or not the Curtis Painter era begins in Indy.

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Colonel Mortimer said...

Lions and Bills in the top five, just like everybody predicted...wait,what?