Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 1

1. New England Patriots - Not sure if Tom Brady is warmed up yet

2. Green Bay Packers - Great game to watch against New Orleans, but questions about defense loom.

3. Baltimore Ravens - Needed a statement game at home against Pittsburgh, won 35-7.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Dream Team handled the Rams with ease, tougher opponents on the horizon.

5. Chicago Bears - Killed the Falcons at home to the tune of 30-12.

6. Houston Texans - No Manning or Arian Foster? No Problem for the Texans.

7. New Orleans Saints - Fought back for a thrilling game, but couldn't punch it in at the 1 yard line.

8. New York Jets - Dramatic late surge to take out the Cowboys, they looked shaky.

9. San Diego Chargers - Seems Mike Tolbert (2 reception TD's) is Philip Rivers new favorite.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Not the way they wanted to start the season, especially with Philly in town next.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Offense looked terrible, way too many turnovers.

12. Detroit Lions - If Matthew Stafford could stay healthy... (sums up the Lions season)

13. Oakland Raiders - Sebastian Janikowski hits a NFL record tying 63 yard field goal, Raiders show they can handle a bad team.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Played a close game with the Lions, losing with home field advantage could come back to haunt them.

15. Dallas Cowboys - This team seems like they could win or lose any game easily.

16. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr takes pay cut to stay with team and returns a punt and kick for a TD to secure win.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Luke McCown era begins with a nice home win.

18. New York Giants - I think you have to worry when Rex Grossman makes your defense look bad (305 yards and 2 TD's)

19. Buffalo Bills - I love, love, love the retero look jerseys. Are the Bills a surprise team? No one beats KC that bad in KC.

20. Arizona Cardinals - Kevin Kolb shows that a good QB can turn around a team faster than any other player.

21. Kansas City Chiefs - 41-7 loss at home and lost their All Pro Safety in the process...that hurts.

22. St Louis Rams - Good news is Sam Bradford is not hurt, bad news is that Stephen Jackson is (and you lost bad at home).

23. Washington Redskins - I cannot put them too high because I think they stink (prove me wrong!).

24. Indianapolis Colts - No Manning no win, could be a new slogan.

25. Minnesota Vikings - Donovan McNabb didn't look younger than last year.

26. Miami Dolphins - The defense gave up some 600 yards to the Patriots.

27. Seattle Seahawks - How many games until Charlie Whitehurst starts?

28. Carolina Panthers - Is Cam Newtown the real deal, or is Arizona's pass defense that bad?

29. Cincinnati Bengals - They handled the Browns on the road for a nice W, could be the last one for a while.

30. Tennessee Titans - Hasselbeck to Britt could be a lethal combo.

31. Denver Broncos - Fans were demanding Tim Tebow start last night, I don't see how he could do much worse.

32. Cleveland Browns - Lost, at home, to the Bengals who were starting a rookie QB...Madden curse?


Colonel Mortimer said...

Good work, week one is always a little strange, we'll see how things develop as the season goes on.

Donovan McNabb didn't look younger than last year...nice, sounds like a Bob Dylan lyric

Wesley said...

Looking forward to seeing the 2nd week poll... I expect a lot of these teams to drop (especially Chiefs)