Friday, September 9, 2011

2005 Draft

I find it very odd that the 49ers now have 3 of the top 9 picks from the 2005 NFL draft. Was there something about 2005 that the 49ers love? Well if we look at the top of that draft we can see it was a very bad overall draft, at least at the top 10 selections due to injury or personal problems.

1. Alex Smith - 49ers

Smith was suppose to be a savior but it never worked out due to changes in coach and scheme every season he played. He also suffered injuries due to a bad offensive line but even when he has had talent around him he has yet to flash brilliance. He is a maybe this year type of player.

2. Ronnie Brown - Miami

Brown was a Pro Bowl RB who was having a monster year in 2007 before suffering a very bad injury and so far has never been the same. He is now on the Eagles as a back up.

3. Braylon Edwards - Cleveland

Braylon Edwards has had an average career but he did have a monster 2007 season and went the Pro Bowl, he is now on his 3rd team.

4. Cedric Benson - Chicago
Benson has become a nice RB for the Bengals after falling out of favor in Chicago, he has also been arrested 3 times since 2008.

5. Carnell "Cadillac" Willaims - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cadillac had a great rookie year but suffered a career changing injury and never was the same, he is now a back up in St Louis.

6. Adam "Pac-Man" Jones - Tennessee Titans

Pac-Man Jones is currently on the Bengals roster, this being his 3rd team in 4 seasons. He was famously arrested for a Las Vegas shooting and has missed the 07 and 09 seasons.

7. Troy Williamson - Minnesota Vikings

Troy Williamson never had more then 37 receptions in a season and had 4 career touchdowns, he last played for Jacksonville in 2009.

8. Antrel Rolle - Arizona Vikings

Antrel Rolle is probably the best of the high picks, he had a solid career in Arionza. He made the Pro Bowl in 09 with the Cardinals and 2010 with the New York Giants were he is currently one of the highest paid safety's in the league (he was a CB for most of his career in Arizona).

9. Carlos Rogers - Washington Redskins

Carlos Rodgers spent adequate years as a CB for the Redskins. In the NFL you sometimes need guys like Rodgers who stay injury free and can play average every game. He signed with the 49ers this off season.

10. Mike Williams - Detroit Lions

Mike Willaims missed his final year of college eligibility at USC and was still drafted #10 overall in 2005. Williams is currently on his 4th team, but made some strides last year for the Seahawks, catching 65 passes and scoring 2 TD's which doubled his previous career high, he now stands as 4 TD's in his entire NFL career.

I cannot say I have followed every draft but this one seems like it was really bad at the top. There was a lot of talent to be had in 2005, such players as:

#11- DeMarcus Ware - Cowboys

#12- Shawne Merriman - Chargers

#13 - Jammal Brown - Saints

#24 - Aaron Rodgers - Packers

#27 - Roddy White - Falcons

#32 - Logan Makins - Patriots

All of these players have made the Pro Bowl.