Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Screening Log

A large dip in moving watching was made possible for many reasons, most of which included Thanksgiving holiday and going out of town for five days. I was happy I was able to get out to the movies more then a few times, including getting to see Harry Potter at a theater built in 1942.

14) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1/ Theater / B
13) Best Worst Movie/ DVD/ B+
12) Back to the Future/ DVD / A
11) Ken Burns: Baseball: The Tenth Inning/ DV-R / A-
10) Cobra/ Netflix Instant / B
9) Unstoppable/ Theater / B-
8) Lost Boys: The Thirst/ DVD/ C
7) Get Him to the Greek/ DVD/ B
6) I Am Sam/ Netflix Instant/ A-
5) Batman: Under the Red Hood/ Netflix Instant/ C
4) L.A. Story/ DVD/ A-
3) Major League/ DVD/ A-
2) Due Date/ Theater/ B-
1) I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell / DVD/ B-

Stand out movie of the month was a tie between Best Worst Movie, a great movie about how Troll 2 is such a bad movie that people love it and Cobra, a total 1980's film starring Sylvester Stallone as a one liner machine who happens to kick ass.


Colonel Mortimer said...

Can't wait to see Best Worst Movie, its in my queue. Had you seen Troll 2 first, if so does it help your enjoyment of the documentary or not really matter?

Mummbles said...

I had seen Troll 2 around 6 months ago, I think it is good to see it before hand so you know exactly what they are talking about in Best Worst Movie, they give away a lot of spoliers