Monday, November 29, 2010

Power Poll - Week 12

1. (-) New England Patriots (9-2)- Patriots got to feast on Thanksgiving by playing the Lions. Still have some of the best throw back uniforms!

2. (3) Atlanta Falcons (9-2) - Beat the Packers to continue to show they are the best the NFC has to offer.

3. (2) New York Jets (9-2) - Stuffed the Bengals on Thanksgiving (how many more Thanksgiving related jokes can I write?)

4. (5) Baltimore Ravens (8-3) - Besides the Falcons they were the only team in the top 5 to play a good team (Buccaneers) and win.

5. (4) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) - I am sure most people thought the game against the Bills would be a blowout, they were a sure handed catch(that was dropped) away from defeat.

6. (12) San Diego Chargers (6-5) - They move up a lot because they are showing they belong in the top and all this with Mike Tolbert at RB.

7. (10) Chicago Bears (8-3) - After next weeks game against Detroit they play the Patriots, @Vikings, Jets, and @Packers check in after that to see if they are for real.

8. (6) Green Bay Packers (7-4) - Stayed close with Atlanta on the road and they still could push Chicago for the division.

9. (8) New Orleans Saints (8-3) - They have seemingly righted the ship and could be a team that flies under the radar come playoff time.

10. (7) Philadelphia Eagles (7-4) - Lost pretty bad in Chicago, Vick threw his first interception of the season.

11. (9) Indianapolis Colts (6-5) - They do not look like the Colts of old but they also have lost so many important guys to injury.

12. (13) New York Giants (7-4) - They managed to make a second half comeback and stay in the hunt.

13. (14) Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) - Dwayne Bowe put Tecmo Bowl like stats over the Seahawks (13 catches, 170 yards, 3 Td's).

14. (11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) - They finally had a chance to beat a team over .500, and hung around with the Ravens until they lost 17-10.

15. (-) Miami Dolphins (6-5) - Ricky Williams rushed for 95 yards and Ronnie Brown had 85 yards as well in a 33-17 win over Oakland.

16. (-) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5) - Yes this team has the division lead over the Colts.

17. (20) Houston Texans (5-6) - Andre Johnson's fight got all the headlines, no one noticed they beat the Titans 20-0.

18. (24) St Louis Rams (5-6) - Yes this team has the NFC West division lead!

19. (-) Washington Redskins (5-6) - They had the game won and then the refs called back the kick off return due to penalty, 8-8 looks doable.

20. (17) Oakland Raiders (5-6) - The Raiders fall continues, they had 16 net rushing yards against the Dolphins.

21. (22) Cleveland Browns (4-7) - This team loves to win close games! Peyton Hillis continues to be the feel good story of the year (3 more Td's on Sunday), could the white running back be back?

22. (18) Tennessee Titans (5-6) - I must insist they try someone else besides Rusty Smith at Qb. Chris Johnson had 7 carries for 5 yards?!

23. (21) Seattle Seahawks (5-6) - They have lost 5 of their last 6, luckily they have the Panthers and Niners up next.

24. (25) Minnesota Vikings (4-7) - Just when people stopped talking about Mr. Favre he had to win and get his name going again.

25. (23) Dallas Cowboys (3-8) - They had a chance to tie it up but Kicker David Buehler proved to be a turkey and missed the kick.

26. (27) San Francisco 49ers (4-7) - Somehow this team is only 1 game back, but bad news in losing Frank Gore for what appears to be the rest of the season.

27. (28) Buffalo Bills (2-9) - I feel bad for Steve Johnson, he had the game winning catch in his hands and it just slipped through. At least the Bills play close in most games.

28. (26) Denver Broncos (3-8) - They recorded a 49ers practice but that doesn't help your team from having no defense.

29. (-) Detroit Lions (2-9) - Stafford, Johnson, Best, and Pettigrew should give this team hope going forward

30. (-) Arizona Cardinals (3-7) - They looked terrible losing bad on Monday night, almost made me feel bad for them.

31. (-) Cincinnati Bengals (2-9) - I wish I had good news, but remaining games are against: Saints, Steelers, Browns, Chargers, and Ravens.

32. (-) Carolina Panthers (1-10) - In my fantasy league I meant to pick up Panthers RB Mike Goodson and accidentally picked up WR David Gettis, I feel this explains the Panthers season.


Colonel Mortimer said...

That was the Niner team we thought we'd see this year. Obviously not the players we thought we'd see, but the type of performance.

It sucks about Gore, but I actually think it might be better for the team to not have him around so that they can be a little more diverse in their play calling.

And no matter how bad things have been, at least Derek Anderson is not our QB!!!!

And Shane Andrus gots to go! *i think he's actually already gone.

Wesley said...

I was waiting for a Matt Turk(ey) comment. Oh well. If the Niners beat Green Bay on Sunday, I will give you $10. Fact.

Mummbles said...

sweet, $10! Um yaaaaaaah right