Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Of 2010 - Television

I normally do not watch a lot of TV, but things changed a tad in 2010. TV is now a great medium to get some original ideas and I started watching a few more shows since I got a DVR (if you do not know what that is, look it up and get one... now). So here is a list of my favorite shows from 2010, if you have some time check them out.(not listed in any order)

Lost (ABC) - Probably one my favorite shows of all time, Lost ended what was a great all around series. A lot of people I know who watched the show complained about how the ending did not answer all the small questions while others like me just enjoyed the show and all that it gave to the viewers. I can't say the show was ever predictable and the ending held true to the entire series while the finale left me with much sadness to see one of my favorite shows come to and end, I miss the characters and the island with all its mysterious. Goodbye Lost, you shall be missed.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - HIMYM continues to please the viewer with good running gags and some great comedy. This season did get a little off target with giving us the down-low on who the mother may be. They introduced a new character (a possible future love interest or just a new part of the gang?) who is a friend to the group. Overall the show continues to deliver to the 25-25 year old crowd and if you are in that age range this show is for you and you should be watching it.

The League (FX) - Quite possibly the best show about a fantasy football league ever! Okay possibly the ONLY show about fantasy football ever. Sometimes I feel this show is made for me. The humor can be crude yet also very well crafted. The cast continues to bring its A game. I hope this show can continue to build and last a few more seasons, I think its one of the best comedies out there today.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - I was not a huge fan of the show before this year, previously I had only seen a handful of episodes but this season really got to me. I like the jokes and the dynamic of the show. The writers really know how nerds think and they do their research when it comes to mentioning something small that only a few fanboys would know. I think acting is very well done and I am glad a show like this actually exists, who would of thought a show about nerds and outcasts would be a hit!

The Event (NBC) - A show that had some potential, I started to watch it in my post Lost haze, hoping that the show would have some mystery and intrigue. The Event started off well enough but towards the end it started to lose its luster. WARNING SPOILERS-- The show is about an alien race that crash landed in Alaska in the 30's and they are now trying to get back home-- END SPOILERS. The show sort of gave away too much to early and while I still enjoyed the episodes I am not sure if I will want to watch it unless it is able to step up in terms of story. As of now the show is on hiatus (never a good sign) for 9 months.

Pawn Stars (History Channel) & Hollywood Treasure (Syfy) - I group these reality shows together because they are somewhat related. Pawn Stars is about a pawn store in Las Vegas and all the dealing they do on a day to day basis. They show is great because they go into the history of the things people bring in and often time they show things you may never see. The personality of the 4 main people who run the shop is also very funny and entertaining.

Hollywood Treasure is similar reality show in which a group works for an auction house. The show is about making connections and finding old pieces of Hollywood memorabilia that they can auction off for a nice profit. I enjoy seeing the people on the show find these old film relics (like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka, Gremlins from the movie, and much more cool stuff) that interest a movie nerd like myself.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) - I still watch SNL but only because of the DVR, if it was not for that I would most likely skip the show. I often skip the musical acts (when I have no interest) and the show has a ton of commercials that I have no interest in waiting through. The show has some good cast members and will always delve into politics or current event. Of course it is very hit or miss and often the best parts of the show are the digital shorts and the weekend updates. I do enjoy seeing Bill Hader and a few other who always seem to do a good job.

The Walking Dead (AMC) - The Walking Dead is a new show which was based off a comic of the same name. I really loved this show, they have some great stories and the acting was really top notch. Of course the premise of the story is that zombies have taken over and only a handful of humans remain. We follow Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as he searches for his family. I am not surprised the show became the hit series that it did and I like many other cannot wait to see what they do next, they only had a 6 episode first season and it will be interesting to see the stories they come up with next.

Well those or some of the best shows I saw in 2010, I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to comment below.


Wesley said...

Wow...changed your blog design again I see... you introduced me to HIMYM and The League and I enjoy them both too...so thanks for that.

Colonel Mortimer said...

The only show here I actually watched is Lost, and I have to admit this was my least favorite season, though it did pick up some momentum towards the last few episodes.

I still have The Walking Dead on my DVR and need to finally get around to it. I need to check out The League after your high praise

My favorite new show of the year was Justified, and I really think you should give Community a shot over The Big Bang Theory, or record them both, lots of film references and nerds that are less stereotypical.