Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baseball - Final Power Poll

I am still on a baseball high, my Giants won it all and yes it feels as good as you would think. The first Championship in the history of the team since it moved from New York. I wanted to do a final baseball poll, ranking all the teams.

1. San Francisco Giants
2. Philadelphia Phillies
3. Texas Rangers
4. New York Yankees
5. Tampa Bay Rays
6. Atlanta Braves
7. Boston Red Sox
8. Minnesota Twins
9. Cincinnati Reds
10. St. Louis Cardinals
11. Chicago White Sox
12. Colorado Rockies
13. Toronto Blue Jays
14. San Diego Padres
15. Oakland A's
16. Detroit Tigers
17. Los Angeles Angels
18. Florida Marlins
19. Los Angeles Dodgers
20. New York Mets
21. Houston Astros
22. Milwaukee Brewers
23. Baltimore Orioles
24. Chicago Cubs
25. Cleveland Indians
26. Washington Nationals
27. Kansas City Royals
28. Arizona Diamondbacks
29. Seattle Mariners
30. Pittsburgh Pirates

your thoughts?


Wesley said...

Are your rankings based on the entire season or on the final results? Of course, the Giants are number 1 because they won the World Series.... but I'm curious about the ranking of a team like the Orioles - did their last month or so playing well under Buck Showalter help their cause at all? I guess what I am asking is - isn't Showalter a bigger step in the right direction or is 23rd where they stay either way?

Mummbles said...

The ratings are based off how they finished last season, I did it now so I wouldn't be swayed by free agents signings and would stick to how they finished last season.

I may start doing this poll more during the actual baseball season if I have the time.

And of course this is just my thoughts and rantings (hey, thats the blog name!)