Monday, November 1, 2010

October Goal: Final Sequence

Here is the final tally:
1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
2. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
3. The Funhouse
4. An American Werewolf in London
5. Dracula
6. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
7. Frankenstein
8. City of the Living Dead
9. Planet Terror
10. The Video Dead
11. Death Proof
12. ThanksKilling
13. Day of the Dead
14. Chopping Mall
15. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
16. Creepshow
17. Masters of Horror - Family
18. The Human Centipede (First Sequence
19. Maniac
20. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
21. New Years Evil
22. Army of Darkness
23. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

And the final movies being added:

24. The Fly (1986) -- A-
I remember some parts from this David Croneberg re-imaging, like the myth that there was a dick in a cup (from my viewing I think I saw said dick). I also had to wonder, in the 80's was it that easy to get two monkey's? I mean the main character Seth (Jeff Goldblum) not only has one monkey (in which he turns inside out, on accident) but has a spare monkey just in case. Ok, enough with all the monkey business (ha!) this was a great movie. I would say its half Sci-Fi and and half horror. Seth is a great inventor and finds a way to teleport using pods. When he tries in on himself a fly gets into the pod and their dna gets mashed together, slowly he starts turning into a human fly. The effects and make-up are just amazing. The slow transformation really looks disgusting, I give Jeff Goldblum props for what must have been hours upon hours in the make-up chair. I can see why this movie is so heralded, it was a great movie that remains interesting throughout.

25. Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (2006) -- B-
This is a documentary about how slasher films got famous and then fell off in the 1980's. You get some great insight from John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and many more. I felt it was a good end to my Halloween goal, because it showed me a bunch of movie that I didn't know about which will be added to future watching. If you have an interest in hearing about the slasher movies from the creators of those films this is a good watch.

So sadly, the goal fell short...I felt that why I didn't succeed I did a lot of good horror movie watching. The genre has many great films that added to my enjoyment of the month of horror. I also feel that the horror genre while fun, can get a tad too much if you try to watch only that genre. I guess I just couldn't take 7 days in a row of horror. Plus with the Giants in the playoffs my mind was more into that at times. Thanks to everyone who watched a horror movies with me, I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!

Until next year....

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Colonel Mortimer said...

25 horror movies in a month is an impressive feat, especially with your team in the playoffs and World Series. And you ended it on a high note with The Fly!

I think for November your new goal is to watch Thankskilling 31 times!