Monday, November 22, 2010

Power Poll - Week 11

1. (1) New England Patriots (8-2)- Beating the Steelers and Colts back to back means your the best.

2. (3) New York Jets (8-2)- Santonio Holmes saves the Jets two weeks in a row!

3. (2) Atlanta Falcons (8-2)- Still staying strong as the class of NFC

4. (-) Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)- Big blowout win after home loss vs New England

5. (-) Baltimore Ravens (7-3)- Beat the Panthers so they cannot move up this week.

6. (-) Green Bay Packers (7-3) - Packers handled the Vikings in Minnesota with much ease.

7. (8) Philadelphia Eagles (7-3)- This team is stacked with young talent on offense: Vick, McCoy, Desean Jackson, and Macklin should be good for many years.

8. (9) New Orleans Saints (7-3)- Creamed the Seahawks and seem to be back to there scoring ways.

9. (7) Indianapolis Colts (6-4)- Another tough loss for this team, but as long as they have Manning they have a shot.

10. (15) Chicago Bears (7-3)- Bears are sticking around and showing they belong in the playoff talk.

11. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)- Shut out the Niners in S.F. for the first time since 1977.

12. (16) San Diego Chargers (5-5)- Doing there usual second half surge and will soon be class of AFC West.

13. (11) New York Giants (6-4)- If only Eli knew how to slide properly...

14. (17) Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)- Interesting to see if they can keep this up and make a push for the playoffs.

15. (10) Miami Dolphins (5-5)- I still think this team is good but they have just been crushed by injures.

16. (18) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4)- No miracle catch needed this week.

17. (14) Oakland Raiders (5-5)- I wonder what Big Ben said to Seymour?

18. (12) Tennessee Titans (5-5) - Who is Rusty Smith, and why was he playing quarterback for the Titans?

19. (22) Washington Redskins (5-5)- Another close win, another season heading towards 8-8!

20. (19) Houston Texans (4-6)- They have to be pissed after that close loss, do they have enough to make a push?

21. (-) Seattle Seahawks (5-5)- Hey at least your playing in the NFC West. 7-9 could win you the division.

22. (20) Cleveland Browns (3-7)- The good news is that this team seems like they can beat anyone. The bad news is that they can just as easily lose to anyone as well.

23. (27) Dallas Cowboys (3-7)- Cowboys move up because so many other teams just had to move down.

24. (-) St Louis Rams (4-6) - Rams still have hope in the NFC West.

25. (-) Minnesota Vikings (3-7)- I think this is Farve's last season.

26. (-) Denver Broncos (3-7)- Brandon Lloyd, really?

27. (23) San Francisco 49ers (3-7)- I hear rumors that they will be getting a new head coach next year, if only that was the only problem going on with this once proud organization.

28. (31) Buffalo Bills (2-8)- Fitzpatrick to Steve Johnson combined for 137 yards and 3 TD's, take that T.O. and Ochocinco!

29.(28) Detroit Lions (2-8)- They used to lose close, now they are just losing bad.

30. (-) Arizona Cardinals (3-7)- They can't go down because sadly there are worse teams.

31. (29) Cincinnati Bengals (2-8)- I am wondering how long before Marvin Lewis is fired.

32. (-) Carolina Panthers (1-9)- Andrew Luck looked good this Saturday, so you have that going for you!


Wesley said...

So if Panthers did draft Luck would they keep Claussen around too? Just wondering...

I think Carolina should draft O-line help and maybe a receiver(Steve Smith ain't the same) and then give something for Claussen to work with... just my thought.

Colonel Mortimer said...

too bad the Niners had the Panthers's top pick this year instead of next, we could've gotten Luck, although with our history of taking QBs in the first round he probably wouldn't pan out.

Mummbles said...

I think Luck (if he comes out) will go #1 to whoever had the pick unless there is some huge college player I do not know of (very possible). Claussen could be a back-up or they could trade the pick and stock up on other picks to help out Claussen with some Wr's or better o-line. But I thought the Panthers were good since they beat the niners!