Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flea Market Report

I have done similar blogs in the past, click HERE to read that one. Recently I have been going to flea about once a month or so, when the weather is nice out. Last Sunday I went to the capitol flea market in San Jose. The market that I used to sell at as a kid with my brother and dad. This flea market has gotten more and more popular in the last few years, once again it was packed by the time we arrived around 9am. Here are some of the finds that I was able to get last time out and even a bonus flea market find.

When we arrived it was busier then usual, maybe people are starting to arrive earlier now because it gets so crowded lately? We usually stick to the same search way, start at the left side of the market and work our way right, its sort of a tradition we always do. This time though I know I wanted a few blurays and we headed to see the guys who sell cheaper then any store blurays. The bad news is that when we got to the table they had nothing out. At first I thought, this serves me right for starting off a different way then usual. I asked the guy for the two blurays I wanted, Skyfall and Argo. He said he was sold out of Skyfall but he did have Argo. I ended up haggling with him for the price until he eventually gave it to me a dollar cheaper then usual.

After that little detour we headed back on our usual track. There was a lot of sellers out and usually an early find can lead to a good day. Dennis made a few small scores and got caught up looking through boxes and boxes of old VHS tapes so I did a solo walk and found something I wanted. I saw the golden Nintendo cartridge and knew this had to be something I wanted, it ended up being Zelda II aka The Adventures of Link. Anything Zelda related is usually somewhat rare and I was thinking they would want a lot, turns out it was mine for $3 and a small bonus was that it was in a black case.

Shortly after that last find we came about a guy with a bunch of T-shirts on a blanket, I think it was Dennis who saw something and started looking. My eyes saw a cool book about Friday the 13th. I had seen it before when I worked at Barnes and Noble, it is a gigantic book yet cool for any fans of the series. I sort of thought the seller would want a lot so I passed and went to look at the shirts with Dennis. I started to notice that some of the shirts were from comic book conventions (having gone to my fair share of them over the years). Dennis saw a few he wanted, I liked many of the shirts but wasn't seeing anything I liked or thought would fit me. One shirt I liked was in pretty bad condition the tag was ripped out leaving a hole in the neck. I almost took off but then I saw a shirt that I liked and it was in pretty good shape, it read FLYNN LIVES.

I knew this shirt was from the Wondercon and was somewhat rare. They filmed a scene for the bluray extras in San Francisco at the Wondercon and I think they had a crowd of about 250 people who were given the shirt during the filming of the scene. I asked the guy the price on the book and he said $5, not too bad for the massive book. I asked if he would take $5 for the book and the shirt, he agreed and I scored two quality items for a mere $5.

That was a great day at the flea market!


Every first Saturday of the month they hold the De Anza flea maket if Cupertino. I have been once before and decided to take my friend Wes since he had never been before. We also had plans to see a movie across the street afterwords.

I didn't really get all that much since the market is much different then the superior Capitol flea. But this time around I did make a really cool score, two old Star Wars glasses. When I first saw them I really liked the look and wanted them. Anything Star Wars that is older usually fetches a high price at the flea. I asked how much for the glasses ecpecting at least a $10 price per glass. I was shocked when he said $2 per glass. I double checked to make sure they were not reprint. The glasses said 1980 so I nabbed those quickly. I got the Luke Skywalker and Lando glasses from the Empire Strikes Back. I hope one day to complete the set! Here are some pictures of those glasses.

Thanks for reading/commenting!


slasherflix said...

Nice scores. Too bad you didn't grab that Goonies 2 game for different prices. Lets get this started!!!!

Wesley said...

Argo - nice to get a good deal on a blu-ray that was just released.

I had fun at the DeAnza Flea Market when we went. You forgot to mention the churros... and all that Niners stuff since it was right before the Super Bowl, that was insane.

Maybe I'll have to check out the Capitol one sometime.

Katie said...

Glad you have so much fun!

Colonel Mortimer said...

Sweet finds, if you ever see that Camp Crystal Lake book for $10 or under, pick it up and I'll buy it, been meaning to pick that book up forever.

Sweet glasses, hope Katie's more excited about them then Amy was about my Star Trek III ones. I know has kids we had the entire Return of the Jedi set, but think they all broke over time =(

Colonel Mortimer said...

Didn't realize until I published that both of my paragraphs started with the word "Sweet". Sour!

Mummbles said...

slasherflix- Goonies 2 is too expensive for me.

Wesley- I did think about writing about those amazing churros!

Colonel- If I ever see it I will but I feel like it was rare find. The glasses are mostly for display purposes for now, I haven't decided what exactly I want to do with them. Sweet comments