Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Movies

I have done my list of movies I am most looking forward to seeing for the upcoming year for a while now. 2013 seems like it will be another amazing year for movies. I have a list of around 30 movies that I am already looking forward to seeing in 2013 but for writing sake I will limit it to these top ten (in no order).

Elysium - Neil Blomkamp follow up District 9 should be a good one. Matt Damon and Jodie Foster add star power the story about the rich vs. poor. In this instance the poor people all reside on a damaged earth and the wealthy live in a space station. I am eager to see what Bloomkamp can do with this movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness - I used to be just a Star Wars guy but J.J. Abrhams changed that somewhat when he released the massively entertaining Star Trek in 2009. It has been 4 long years and now he is finally putting the final touches on the sequel. I am expecting just as much fun this time around, and looking forward to seeing who the new (or old) villain is.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - I am interested in whatever director Peter Jackson touches. I found The Hobbit to be very entertaining and am eager to see it again. Now we have to wait to see even more from Jackson with The Hobbit sequel coming out much later this year.

Only God Forgives - Count me in for anything that re-teams Drive mastermind Nicolas Winding Refn with awesome actor Ryan Gosling. I really loved Drive and this one seems like it will be a good ride. All the plot details I can find is that it is about a Bangkok police lieutant and a gangster settle their differences in a thai boxing match, count me in! This is a very short clip of the movie (it is all that is out right now):

The World's End - Comic duo of  Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reunite with director Edgar Wright (all three made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz together). I love anything that these three make together and I see no reason why this will not be another amazingly funny and well done movie.

Sin City. A Dame To Kill For - Sin City was on of my favorite comic book adaptations of all time. I am very excited to see what Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller do this time around. It has been 7 long years of waiting but I feel they will do the movie justice.

Thor: The Dark World / Iron Man 3 - I will lump these two together because Marvel films are sort of interconnected anyway. The first Thor was a real treat, and a movie I did not expect to like as much as I did. I think Chris Hemsworth was perfect for the role and is a underrated actor. Iron Man 3 should be a nice bounce back movie after part 2 left me somewhat disappointed  Shane Black is now taking over the directorial duties and I can't wait to see what he does with Tony Stark in this installment.

Man Of Steel - I feel that we haven't had a good Superman film since Superman II was released way back in 1980! Superman Returns (2006) left me with a bad feeling, since it was suppose to reboot Superman. I feel for Zach Snyder because Superman is the hardest of all heroes to do well. He only has a few interesting villains. The trailers for the movie seem interesting and taking thing is a much different direction. I am eager to see what they do with Superman in this one.

A Place Beyond The Pines - A movie I did not think would be on this list but the trailer looks just amazing. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper star in this crime drama. I feel this could be a really good movie from the look and feel of the trailer. Anything with Gosling and Cooper seems to be really well done of late and I feel this could be another movie to add to their impressive lists.

This Is The End  - I already wrote a blog about Seth Rogen's directorial debut that stars tons of his friends who party while the world ends. Looks to be comedy gold. Click HERE to read that blog.

Others: Machete Kills, Pacific Rim, G.I. JOE: Retaliation, Kick Ass 2, World War Z, The Great Gatsby, 42, The Wolverine, The Lone Ranger, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, The Wolf of Wall Street, A Good Day to Die Hard, The Hangover III, Monsters University.


le0pard13 said...

I'm really interested to see if James Mangold can do justice to the graphic novel, the Chris Claremont-based story, for Wolverine. That X-Men Origins: Wolverine really left a bad taste from '09.

3guys1movie.com said...

Damn those clips from Only God Forgives look awesome. I got to get my ass to the dojo

Wesley said...

I didn't even realize there was going to be another Thor movie but am glad to see that there will be one.

And what is this I'm reading? Jodie Foster is in a movie? So is this her last one?

Colonel Mortimer said...

I kind of made a bet/New Years Resolution with myself that I would not watch any trailers online, saving them either for going to the theatre or allowing myself to see movies with no preconceived notion, or at least a little as possible (obviously if I hate/love a filmmaker I am going in with that) but knowing there are clips for Only God Forgives out there is tempting. That and World's End are the top 2 from this list that stand out for me, other than these, I don't really know what's to come in 2013. Here's hoping a good year for cinema.

And Wes did I miss something, did Jodie Foster say she retired? That's a shame.

Mummbles said...

Colonel: I applaud your no trailers online. Lately I have been somewhat staying away from them online as well because it ruins the fun of seeing them on the big screen and if I already have seen the trailer seeing it again can get somewhat boring/repititive.

As for Jodie Foster she gave a long winded speech at the Gold Globes saying she would be stepping out of the acting and stay behind the scenes (writing/producing/directing) from now on. I hope this isn't true as I eagerly await the sequel to The Beaver.

Emily Devine said...

Great post, Sean! I'm so looking forward to all of these! I keep forgetting they are making another Sin City, then get really excited whenever I'm reminded.