Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Baseball

My 2013 Baseball Predictions!

American League

Toronto Blue Jays …. 92-70
New York Yankees*.... 90-72
Baltimore Orioles …. 84-78
Tampa Bay Rays …. 81-81
Boston Red Sox …. 75-87

I think with all the major additions the Blue Jays made this offseason (adding Melky Cabrera, Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, etc)they  are due for a lot more wins, similar to how the Orioles came from nowhere last year. With all the Yankee injuries they will get off to a slow start but somehow make the postseason because of trades they make. Rays and Red Sox seem to be declining right now, both losing many quality players.

Detroit Tigers …. 100-62
Cleveland Indians …. 82-80
Kansas City Royals.... 81-81
Chicago White Sox …. 78-84
Minnesota Twins …. 62-100

The Tigers should continue to dominate the division and I think they will avoid the slow start that plagued them last season, sure the Indians and Royals have gotten better with some nice additions but not enough to get more than around .500, but they will much more fun to watch then in years past.

Los Angeles Angels …. 93-69
Oakland A’s …. 89-73*
Texas Rangers …. 87- 75
Seattle Mariners …. 73-89
Houston Astros …. 58-104

The West continues to be a very good/tough division. I had a hard time deciding between the Rangers or A’s, but I figure the A’s pitching is good enough to give them a 2 game advantage. The Angels have an amazing team on paper, this should be the year it all comes together.

National League
Washington Nationals …. 96-66
Atlanta Braves* …. 90-72
Philadelphia Phillies …. 78- 84
New York Mets …. 70-92
Miami Marlins …. 66-96

The Nats are the best in the NL but the Braves also have another good season thanks to the Upton brothers who shine now that they get to play together. The rest of the division is getting older or needs help. Miami should be pretty bad because they traded everyone.

St. Louis Cardinals …. 91- 71
Cincinnati Reds …. 88- 74
Pittsburgh Pirates …. 80-82
Milwaukee Brewers …. 76- 86
Chicago Cubs …. 69-93

No more Houston to kick around now! I feel the Reds are in for a bit of a harder season and they barely miss the wild card (by 1 game to the Dodgers). The Pirates miss that elusive .500 season yet again and the Cubs continue to stink, no longer having those easy wins against the Astros to rely on.

San Francisco Giants …. 92-70
Los Angeles Dodgers* …. 89- 73
Arizona Diamondbacks …. 79-84
San Diego Padres …. 73-89
Colorado Rockies …. 63-99

The Giants have the pitching that continues to get them through the season and another chance for a Championship. The Dodgers make 3 big trades and squeak their way into a playoff spot. The Diamondbacks and Padres play well early in the season but cannot stay with the big boys.

*-Denotes Wild Card

Los Angeles defeats Atlanta
New York defeats Oakland

Detroit defeats New York (3-1)
Los Angeles defeats Toronto (3-2)

Washington defeats Los Angeles (3-0)
San Francisco defeats St. Louis (3-1)

Detroit defeats Los Angeles (4-2)

Washington defeats San Francisco (4-2)

Detroit Tigers defeat Washington (4-3)

(all predictions as of 3/19/13)


Wesley said...

Interesting... I like that the A's make the playoffs...but lose to Yankees in one game playoff? Noooooo. Haha... my predictions are going to be quite different me thinks and not just the A's part.

Dodgers make 3 more big trades? Who else they have left to trade?

Pirates miss .500 just barely again. Ouch. lol

Dennis Devine said...

I REALLY hope you are CORRECT with your predictions and the Tigers win the world series. Could happen, but their relief pitching is a bit on the shakey side. If they win 100 games, though, I'll eat my hat (my Giants hat, not Tigers hat)