Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warner a 49er?

I usually don't mention talks about certain players going to certain teams but I find all this Kurt Warner possibly going to the 49ers talks interesting. First off Warner will not around for too long and is not going to have the aresonal he had in Arizona, namely Boldin and Fitzergald. But if this is the ONLY way to keep him from tearing up the niners then why not?

Warner has has a long and annoying history of tearing up the 49ers, it started back in St. Louis and years later it came back when he went to the Cardinals and revived his career. All of which lead to him going to the Superbowl with the Cardinals last year. I would not think Warner would put up the same numbers like he did last year. He is an aging veteran and his signging most likely would mean the 49ers would bypass a draft pick QB if they signed Warner. For instance, lets say Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez some how manages to fall down big time and the niners have a chance to get him, it is my thinking (from watching many terrible drafts) they would pass on him because they signed Kurt Warner for two years. I would rather them draft the young guy and get someone like Jeff Garcia to start, for at least one year. He would be cheaper and more mobile.

In my opinon I can see why the niners want Warner, he is a proven veteran QB and could make the difference from the team going 7-9 and 9-7. That could mean a playoff spot since the Seahawks still seem a few years from getting back in the playoffs. He has superbowl experience, is a nice god loving man, etc... BUT he is old, cannot run, and the niners think signing Brandon Jones at WR for five years is the answer!

Whatever happens the interest is sort of interesting in itself. Warner wearing a 49ers uniform would look weird but at least it would mean he would no longer be playing against us. I will be following this story closely.


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Yeah I sort of posted this thinking he would not be a niner, just wanted to talk about the fact the niners would go after him. They would much rather sign Damon Huard then someone who could help the team win. I am starting to lean towards my brothers thoughts that it is all the team ownership that has ruined the 49ers, oh well at least we won't sign Owens...right? RIGHT?!