Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MLB 09 Predictions

AL East

Boston               97-65
New York          94-68*
Tampa Bay        91-74
Toronto             84-78
Baltimore         73-89

AL Central
Minnesota          90-72
Chicago              88-74
Kansas City       82-80
Cleveland          78-84
Detroit               77-85

AL West
Los Angeles      89-74
Texas                 80-82
Oakland            79-83
Seattle               69-94

NL East
New York           99-63
Philadelphia       94-68*
Atlanta                84-77
Florida                 81-81
Washington        65-97

NL Central

Chicago           101-61
Cincinnati        90-72
St. Louis           87-75
Houston           83-79
Milwaukee       75-89
Pittsburgh        71-91

NL West

Los Angeles            86-76
Arizona                   84-78
San Francisco        79-83
Colorado                 72-90
San Diego               62-100

*- Wild card

World Series- New York Mets Over Boston Red Sox

- I didn't even mean to pick the Giants and A's with the same record. I guess I pick the Mets because they have seemingly solved the bullpen problems with getting Franky Rodriguez and JJ Putz, both have been All-Star closers before. The Red Sox have amazing pitching all around. They have a lot of team players and will be better off without Manny. 


Colonel Mortimer said...

I take offense, the A's will go 80-82, not 79-83!!!

And, I don't get the comment the "Red Sox will be better without Manny"? You mean they will be better without one of the all time great clutch hitters? They were without him in the playoffs last year and they did worse than they did the season before when they won the Word Series with him....

But yeah, their pitching staff is nuts.

I have no clue whose going to win it all, uh, let's say the Nationals.

Mummbles said...

I think they do beter as a team without a guy who caused internal problems and was at odds with many of the team captians. I think Jason Bay is a great and much younger replacement. He makes the Dodgers good, he is TO of baseball.