Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nintendo Classic

I grew up on Nintendo. I am talking the old school 8-bit system which had tons of classic games like Mario Bros 1-3, Legend Of Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Metroid, and Castlevania to name a few. I was a weird kid I guess because I did enjoy those classic games but my life was changed forever one day as a kid went I remember my neighbors playing this game called Tecmo Bowl. I never knew a game before where you could be the players you saw in real life. I was hanging with my brother and he would be the 49ers. You could have Montana as your QB, then of course they had the Chicago Bears and you could play as the legendary Walter Payton and run all over guys. The game was sort of what launched my love of not only nintendo but video games, namely sports video games.

If I had to pick one game that is my favorite for the NES I always point to Super Tecmo Bowl. Mostly because it expanded on the original game, which only had like 14 teams. The new game had not only more plays (up from the 4 you had in Tecmo Bowl), players (including back-ups like Steve Young), stats (it was the first game I knew of which kept lead leaders in every stat from passer rating to sacks), all 28 teams which were playing at the time, cut scenes, etc. Not to dis the original classic game, it will always hold a place in my heart but Super was well superior in most aspects. I remember I would set records with Barry Sanders or Jerry Rice. One time I recall using a Vinny Testarvde lead Tampa Buccaneers to the super bowl and winning because I wanted to see if I could do it. Ah, the good old days when you had nothing to do as a kid. If you like John Madden football then you should pay homage to a game that made games like that possible, and now there is talks of redoing the series for todays gamers. My only question. What took so long?

Here is a crazy run I found on youtube. Not sure if its altered but it sort of shows a funny aspect of the game and features Bo Jackson who was sort of a Tecmo Super Bowl legend, watch it here:

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slasherflix said...

I gotta get this game. And a new Nintendo.