Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flea Market Report

Went to the Flea Market last Sunday in search of more NES games to add to my collection. I started the day off by seeing a guy who had a bunch of games in a box, he wanted $5 a piece. He even had a game in a box, rare to say the least. I ended up buying just one game off him. Maniac Mansion. It came in a slip case and also has the instruction booklet and mini-poster. Not a bad find for $5, it works too! The game is pretty cool. It will take a lot of time to beat but its unique and well worth the cost.

Second game of the day was Bases Loaded II: Second Season. I usually stay away from NES sports games (besides Tecmo Bowl & Baseball Stars) but I have heard good things about this game. I asked the seller, they wanted 2 bucks and I decided to take the deal. I played the game and its hard as shit. I couldn't manage a hit and playing the field is a joke. I am glad I only threw down a few bucks for the game. I do like the pitcher vs. batter graphics, its from behind the picther. I usually don't see that in games. I will maybe try the game a few more time, well see.

Last purchase of the day was a two for one deal. Some guy was selling games and said 2 bucks each. He didn't have agreat selection but I saw Skate or Die so I picked that up. I also saw a game called Abadox, which I actually read about the night before. So I nabbed both games for a cheap price.

So far I played some of Skate or Die, couldn't really figure out how to control the skateboarder kid and gave up for now. After that I threw in Abadox, the game is not bad. Its like a shooter game and its pretty fuckin hard. You have to start over and over unless you reach a certain part of level, and its not for a while. You also lose all of your weapon upgrades when you die, which really hurts since the levels get harder. I think I played in twice and got to the third level but gave up since I lost my weapon upgrades. This is a game I would have probably loved back in the day. After that I gave up and went back to playing Ducktales.

Well thats up Flea market round up for last Sunday. Look for more updates soon.


slasherflix said...

I remember Skate or Die was pretty hard,but back then didn't have much else to play,so I had to get better. I passed up Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom this last weekend because the lady would not take less than $4. Don't remember the game or anyone that had it.

Colonel Mortimer said...

I remember Skate or Die, if you find Marble Madness pick it up

I like this feature. Keep it!!!