Thursday, December 20, 2012

The World Can't End!

The world can't end because I need to see This Is The End ! I mentioned this movie back in my December 29, 2011 blog about upcoming movies I was looking forward to coming out in 2012. The movie has been pushed back a few times and now is set for 2013. This is what I said in that blog, when the movie was being call "The Apocalypse" :

The Apocalypse - 2012(?) -- I seriously have no idea what this movie is about besides that is being directed by Seth Rogen and starring Mr. Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. All it says on imdb is "Two guys take on the end of the world." If this comes out in 2012 I am there.

Now we have a poster and a great trailer that Seth Rogen (who is also making his directorial debut and starring in the film) has  released just in case the end of the world does happen tomorrow, then at least he will have shown some footage of the movie.

With a cast like Rogen, Franco, and Hill I am still psyched! I feel that it is even better that they are playing themselves. If you ever saw Knocked Up, many of my favorite scenes were just all the guys (including Hill, Jason Segel (listed as having a part in the movie and mentioned in the trailer) , Rogen, and Baruchel) are just hanging out basically being themselves.

This just means the world will not end. I must see this movie!!!!

Watch the trailer below (NSFW).


Wesley said...

Hahaha... the last part reminds me of the dude from "Let's Go to Prison"

kt said...

I'll see it with you!