Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Power Poll

1.       Houston Texans (1) 5-0 – We will see how they handle their first Sunday night game against Green Bay and if they are really #1.

2.       San Francisco 49ers (3)  4-1 – Last two games they scored 79 points and gave up 3, they have 2 more home games in a row.

3.       Atlanta Falcons (2) 5-0 – This team won on the road and continues to impress, but not as much as the other two above them.

4.       Baltimore Ravens (4) 4-1 – The defense continues to impress, but only 9 points this week?

5.       New England Patriots (7) 3-2 – You can never count out this team with Brady at the helm. Showed Manning who’s boss and they can run this year!

6.       New York Giants  (10) 3-2 – I have an odd feeling this team is right where they want to be at 3-2, bad news is next game is against the 49ers in SF.

7.       Minnesota Vikings (13) 4-1 – The Vikings D seems legit and we know they can run the ball. This might be a playoff team.

8.       Chicago Bears (12) 4-1 – They have had a pretty easy schedule to this point but the D seems good and Cutler to Marshall is working well.

9.       Philadelphia Eagles (6) 3-2 – A tough loss in Pittsburgh knocks them down a few. Can Vick not turn over the ball so much?

10.   Cincinnati Bengals (11) 3-2 – Got taken out at home against Miami shows the youth of this team.

11.   Arizona Cardinals (5) 4-1 – They have serious O-line issues.

12.   Green Bay Packers (9) 2-3 – This team is still good, but so many injuries, they are starting to take a toll on the Pack.

13.   San Diego Chargers (8) 3-2 – Could have become an elite team with a win in New Orleans, guess they should have kept Brees…

14.   Indianapolis Colts (21) 2-2 – They are young and hungry, Luck is for real. Could push for a playoff spot.

15.   Denver Broncos (14) 2-3 – Manning is looking back in form, too bad they got down big on the road.

16.   St. Louis Rams (19) 3-2 – Rams D is showing it can play, too bad they have no one to throw the ball too.

17.   Pittsburgh Steelers (20) 2-2 – This team looks they might go on a roll with some winnable games coming up (Tennessee, Cincinnati, and Washington).

18.   Seattle Seahawks (18) 3-2 – They beat the Panthers on the road, they stay in the same spot.

19.   Washington Redskins (15) 2-3 – RGIII suffers a concussion, good thing they have another rookie QB to back up the rookie QB…really?

20.   Miami Dolphins (29) 2-3 – The Dolphins are playing hard and have been in most of the games they have played. Got to give them some credit.

21.   Dallas Cowboys  (17) 2-2 – Bye week

22.   Detroit Lions  (22) 1-3 – Bye week

23.   New Orleans Saints (25) 1-4 – This team still has a lot of talent and managed to beat a pretty good Chargers team, will the trend continue?

24.   Kansas City Chiefs (23) 1-4 – Could only manage 6 points at home.

25.   Carolina Panthers (24) 1-4 – This team has been a huge disappointment, seems like teams are figuring out Cam Newton.

26.   New York Jets (27) 2-3 - Tebow time yet? It will happen

27.   Buffalo Bills (16) 2-3 – This could be the worst defense in the league, gave up 97 points in the last two games.

28.   Tennessee Titans (26) 1-4 - To cut them some slack, they did just play two road games against the Texans and Vikings.

29.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (28) 1-3 – Bye week

30.   Jacksonville Jaguars (30) 1-4 – Bye week…just kidding…played like they were on one.

31.   Cleveland Browns (31) 0-5 – The talent on offense is coming around but the usually good defense didn’t show up.

32.   Oakland Raiders  (32) 1-3 – bye week (yet still somehow lost)


le0pard13 said...

"16. St. Louis Rams (19) 3-2 – Rams D is showing it can play, too bad they have no one to throw the ball too."

I remember when this wasn't true, and it wasn't that long ago :-(

Wesley said...

I know Houston is undefeated but I'd actually put Niners number 1 overall after Houston only beat the miserable Jets by 7 points...

Mummbles said...

le0pard13, I had no idea you were a Rams fan! Their team is on the upswing this year...much to my chagrin. And 49ers will most likely move up if they beat the Giants this weekend.

le0pard13 said...

For a long-time, from when they were in the L.A. Coliseum ;-). Remember, born and raised an Angeleno.

slasherflix said...

Blah, this season sucks.