Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Power Poll

I got a request from a friend to do a power poll. I hope someone is actually reading this blog lately...I am sort of getting discouraged from posting. Here it goes:

NFL Power Poll - Week 5

1.     Houston Texans
2.     Atlanta Falcons
3.    Baltimore Ravens
4.     San Francisco 49ers
5.     Arizona Cardinals
6.     Philadelphia Eagles
7.     New England Patriots
8.     San Diego Chargers
9.     Green Bay Packers
10.   New York Giants
11.   Cincinnati Bengals
12.   Chicago Bears
13.   Minnesota Vikings
14.   Denver Broncos
15.   Washington Redskins
16.   Buffalo Bills
17.   Dallas Cowboys
18.   St. Louis Rams
19.  Seattle Seahawks
20.   Pittsburgh Steelers
21.   Indianapolis Colts
22.   Detroit Lions
23.   New York Jets
24.   Carolina Panthers
25.   New Orleans Saints
26.   Tennessee Titans
27.   Kansas City Chiefs
28.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29.   Miami Dolphins
30.   Jacksonville Jaguars
31.   Cleveland Browns
32.   Oakland Raiders


Wesley said...

The best part about the Power Poll are the witty comments that go with each team. Any mention of Tebow is also nice.

Raiders are last, huh? Ouch.
I don't think Arizona is as good as their number 5 ranking and I'd have the Patriots, Packers, and Giants (even though they lost to them) in front of the Eagles.

Still a long ways to go though!

slasherflix said...

Pretty close to what I would rank them, maybe the Niners up a notch just based on Defense. Raiders really need to get Pryor in there just to give the offense a spark and there defense just needs to play the whole game not just the first half. Romo rules!!

le0pard13 said...

Don't get down, m. We are reading everything you post. And enjoying them. Would it be in bad taste to rejoice in your bottom knighting of Oakland (said the one from L.A.? ;-))

Colonel Mortimer said...

The Oakland A's shouldn't be at the bottom of the list they just clinched a--oh, this is football. Yeah, the Raiders are pretty pretty pretty bad, still amazed they beat the Steelers. I think the Texans-Falcons are pretty close, maybe 1a and 1b.

And as a Niner fan, I apologize to the world for fueling the Tebow talk yet again. Though I do not apologize for that crushing D!

Mummbles said...

Thanks for the comments and input. I will probably do more commentary soon, seeing as I have a few mondays off this month because of furlough days. At least we all agree Raiders are terrible.