Friday, April 13, 2012

Underrated Movies Presents: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I thought it was time to shed light on some of my personal list of movies which I think are underrated. What does underrated even mean to me? I am saying that the movie was not a big financial success and was not nominated for many awards. Also these movies might have a following because they are so well done and if you are a movie fiend like me I am sure you already know about the movie.

From the mind of writer/director Shane Black (writer of Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, and Monster Squad....Black is also set to write/direct Iron Man 3!) came this little movie in 2005 starring a then not yet Iron Man famous Robert Downey Jr. Downey was on his come back trail at this point. He has been in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Good Night and Good Luck in 2005 both 3 years before he would star in Iron Man. The cast also includes the ever so cute/hot Michelle Monaghan as well as Val Kilmer who goes back to his comic roots and gives one of his finest performances.

The actors all do very fine jobs and the movie but with the amazing script even Hayden Christensen couldn't mess up this movie. You have a very fast paced dialogue that never really stops. The dialogue is so fast paced and full of good moments that a repeat viewing is a must. It sort of reminded me of an old Bogart detective movie. If you ever go back and watch those the dialogue is very fast and full of information.

You also get a really nice mystery/ detective movie here. Black seemingly took his time fleshing out the characters. Downey Jr. is Harry Lockhart (the name just sounds like someone from an old pulp fiction paperback). Harry is not a cop but an actor who gets mixed up in a murder case and is getting help from real cop Gay Perry (Kilmer). The duo have instant chemistry and shine together. It's rare lately in cinema to have such a good buddy cop movie that doesn't come off cheesy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of those movies.

The movie also has a great payoff, you are not let down in the final act of the movie in any way. I am glad I somehow saw this movie. I think I was able to see it at the theater but no matter how make sure you can find this movie and see it. Shane Black is a writer who doesn't do too many films and takes his time when he writes. Since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang he hasn't written or directed for 7 years! I think he can really make Iron Man 3 something special. He knows how to get the best out of Downey Jr. and I can see him instantly becoming a famous director if Iron Man 3 is the hit we all know it will be.

Whatever you do go and see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you can thank me later. In fact I think I am going to go put the movie in my DVD player right now.

More Underrated Movies to come...


le0pard13 said...

Love this film, Mumbles.

Colonel Mortimer said...

You saw this film in the theatre with Dad and I (I actually saw it twice in theatres). Great pick. While I have become burnt out on all the comic book movies, I hope Iron Man 3 is a huge hit so we'll get another Shane Black movie riding on its success.

Wesley said...

I still haven't seen this movie though I remember Brian talking about it before and have seen it in your movie collection... perhaps I will have to sneak a peek.

Mummbles said...

I cannot remember seeing it you and dad but that would make sense! Thanks for reminding me. I am still waiting for Last Action Hero II: Slater's Back.

Emily Devine said...

I found your blog! I really need to see this movie. Summer project: catching up on all flicks on my never-ending list.