Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I'll be doing August 14th 2012

love the classic cover!

With my upcoming busy summer (wedding, honeymoon, etc) I really am not sure how much time I will have to myself. One thing I can always look forward to is seeing a movie to give me a small 1 to 2 hour break from reality. I have just learned that one of my top three all time movies is making its bluray debut. JAWS has long been a favorite of mine ever since I went on the tram tour an Universal Studios and was scared half to death when the shark would pop out of the water. To be the best horror has to be something you are actually scared of, and a huge man eating sharks has always been tops on that list for me!

JAWS will be released August 14, 2012. Universal is doing a pretty cool tie in coinciding with the companies 100th anniversary by releasing (or re-releasing) a lot of their classic titles on bluray. I have long been waiting for JAWS on bluray especially with many of Spielberg's other movies recently being released in the format. I received the Jurassic Park trilogy as a Christmas present (2 out of 3 of the movies being good and one average). I have also heard rumblings of E.T. being released on bluray soon with possibly both versions of the movie. If you weren't in the loop Spielberg went all Lucas on E.T. and changed some things with CGI. Two notable changes were that police officers guns were replaced with walkie talkies and E.T. was made all CGI in some scenes. Spielberg eventually admitted he made a slight mistake with the changes and would make the original (and unaltered) version available on bluray. The Indiana Jones collection (all 4 movies...3 out of 4 ain't bad!) is also being released on bluray and is on amazon but with no exact release date yet.

I read a great article about the JAWS bluray on Entertainment Weekly's web site. They go more in depth on how they really fixed up the old negatives of the film to make it look extra awesome and original. The bluray will be remastered and restored. There will even be a feature about how Spielberg fixed up the old negatives of the film to make them look their best for the bluray release. They have a video on the same page but I decided to save it to watch when the bluray is released in August. If you cannot wait click HERE and check it out, it looks like a really cool process. The bluray also has 4 hours of extras, including the documentary The Shark is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of JAWS. I have long heard of this documentary and am really happy they decided to include this with the bluray. If you want to join me watching it on August 14th come on over, but I'm gonna need a bigger couch!

what a difference


le0pard13 said...

I hear you on this. It's been a long time coming for this film. All previous releases of this seminal blockbuster have had poor picture quality. Can't wait for this one. Good post, Mumbles.

Wesley said...

The Blu-Ray should be awesome...especially if you have surround sound as well... wow, that'd be suh-weet!

Also, Titanic 3D hits blu-ray that day too - play the movies side by side and you could get the sensation of Dicaprio being eaten by a shark.

the newest Mrs. D said...

jaws party!