Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Training Power Poll

I said I would try to keep this up so here it goes. Since catchers and pitchers are reporting February 14th (Valentine's Day...bummer) I wanted to update the power poll. Lots of this has to do with big free agent signings and team improving in areas on concern. I will most likely do another poll right before the season starts as well. But here is something to wet you appetite until baseball season begins.

2011 Spring Training Power Poll:

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Boston Red Sox
3. San Francisco Giants
4. New York Yankees
5. Atlanta Braves
6. Texas Rangers
7. Minnesota Twins
8. Cincinnati Reds
9. Chicago White Sox
10. St. Louis Cardinals
11. Detroit Tigers
12. Colorado Rockies
13. Milwaukee Brewers
14. Oakland A's
15. Tampa Bay Rays
16. Baltimore Orioles
17. Los Angeles Angels
18. San Diego Padres
19. Toronto Blue Jays
20. Florida Marlins
21. Los Angeles Dodgers
22. Chicago Cubs
23. New York Mets
24. Cleveland Indians
25. Washington Nationals
26. Houston Astros
27. Arizona Diamond Backs
28. Seattle Mariners
29. Kansas City Royals
30. Pittsburgh Pirates


your girlfriend said...

I read this. sort of. I read the first paragraph ;) just thought I'd let you know! <3

your boyfriend said...

Who is this girl?!? Anyway, now that you have broken my heart, I must say that I think the Yankees and Rangers are too high on list and the Cubs are too low.

Mummbles said...

Rangers lost their #1 ace but remember they did not have him for the whole year last season and still were doing good. They got another good bat in Beltre.

Yankees did not lose a huge amount of people (Pettite) from last years team who won 95 games, they just were not able to spend a ton, besides Soriano who is instantly one of the best set up men in the league now.

Cubs, well they got a guy who can hit hr's and play some good d in Pena, and well that's about it. Garza was a nice addition, he has never won a lot of games (last year was his career high of 15)

Colonel Mortimer said...

your brother said...

I am not so sure about the Phillies, sure that rotation is ker-razy, but it was their soft hitting (and the Giants pitching of course) that cost them the NL Championship.

I think the A's could sneak into the play-offs but wouldn't be shocked if they end up sub 500 either, it should be an interesting year.

Mummbles said...

A's have improved the offense enough that they sort of remind of the Giants of last year, that said they will need a lot of luck to win it all but playoffs could be on the horizon (but they do not have a Lincecum ace..yet)