Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Movies To See

As 2010 comes to an end we reflect back on all the good movies we saw and if you are like me you are never too far from thinking of what will be the next movie that makes you love movies even more. I have compiled my list of movies that I am looking forward to seeing in 2011. Of course these are just based of a few online lists, or directors and actors I follow. Who knew in 2010 movies like The King's Speech or Black Swan would be such good movies, and that is why this is list in considered incomplete at this time. I did a similar list last year and I know my top two movies of last year appeared on that list, here is hoping it will happen again.

Your Highness - A fantasy/comedy movie starring Natalie Portman, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Danny McBride ( who also co-wrote the script), count me in! It is also being directed by Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green. I figure this movie will be much different than most, but in a good way. Out April 8th.

Hangover 2 - All that is known is that all the original guys are back and this time they are traveling to Bangkok for Stu's wedding. If it is anything like the first one then I will happy. I am also happy to report that Ken Jeong is listed on imdb as returning as Mr. Chow. Out May 26th.

Super 8 - This one is about some sort of alien encounter, I think.. Either way it's being directed by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) and being produced by Steve Spielberg which seems like more than enough for me to be excited about this. Out June 10.

Sherlock Holmes 2 - The first one was so good and since the cast and director Guy Ritchie are returning I see no reason to not look forward to seeing Holmes and Watson face the mysterious Professor Moriatry. The movie is scheduled for a late release so not much is known about the plot or anything else. Out December 16th.

Green Lantern - I have been more skeptical of comic book movies of late but this one has some potential. I like Ryan Reynolds, the dude is pretty hilarious and not a bad actor. I think if anyone has to play the Green Lantern it might as well be him. I also like that it's being directed by Martin Campbell (Golden Eye, Casino Royale). We will see if I am right on this one. Out June 17th.

Captain America: The First Avenger - Another comic book movie makes my list! This time we get another Marvel comics hero, one I am wondering why it took so long to come out with a movie in the first place. Since there is no preview I cannot say how the movie looks. I do mostly like Chris Evans as Cap, he is similar to Ryan Reynolds but Cap was never much of a joker. This one could be bad or could be good, we will see! Out July 22nd.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - I have watched all the other ones so of course I am interested in seeing how it all ends. I think the movies have all been pretty good to this point and I expect an epic ending between Harry and Voldemort. Out July 15th.

Cowboys & Aliens - The title alone is unique, but it also happens to be directed by John Favreau (Iron Man films) and stars the sexy Olivia Wilde (TRON: Legacy) as well as Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, and Paul Dano. The first preview didn't suck me in as much as I was hoping but I see good potential with this one. Out July 29th.

Contagion - I just heard of this movie and I already am dying to see it, ha ha get it? Anyway the movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, and Kate Winslet to name a few. If that wasn't enough to get you excited the movie is about a deadly disease and a team of doctors contracted to deal with the outbreak. Out October 21.

Tree of Life - This one got me with the preview. I know the movie is about how your parents can affect your future life choices. Brad Pitt plays the dad and Sean Penn plays his son in the future. I think this looks like a breathtaking piece of cinema from Terrence Malick. Out May 27th.

Moneyball - Brad Pitt (again!) plays Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane as he tries to put together a baseball club on a budget, by using computer-generated analysis. Sounds fun! It also stars Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Wright. I am a huge sports fan and eagerly look forward to this story. Out September 23rd.

Red State - I am mostly looking forward to this because it is written and directed by Kevin Smith, it is his first try at a horror movie. Not a lot is known about the film, which seems odd since Mr. Smith twitters 200 times a day. Out March.

The Green Hornet and Paul were both on my list of movies I was eager to see in 2010 but are now coming out in 2011. Green Hornet opens this Friday (January 14th) and Paul will open March 18th.


Wesley said...

Moneyball should be interesting and with Brad Pitt starring it should end up drawing more audience than an actual A's game...

I can't wait to see Your Highness...

Colonel Mortimer said...

Your Highness...featuring two Academy Award nominees...and possibly one winner by time everything's said and done.

Katie said...

yay harry potter! ;)

slasherflix said...

Looking forward to Red State, I know he's been wanting to do horror for quite some time. Hope he doesn't get Tracy Morgan to cameo. haha.