Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 Days until October

So I was noticing a lot of horror movies showing up on netflix instant watch, and of course October being just 5 days away got me thinking. I love watching a lot of horror movies during October, its by far the best month to watch a good scary movie. So I decided to take it upon myself to try and watch 31 horror movies during the month of October (if you have looked at a calendar, that equals one horror movie a day!).

Will I be able to attain this goal? The jury is out on that, but I sure will try and see how many I can watch. Some days I might watch a few and take a day off, but it will be interesting to see how many I can watch. If you want to watch a horror movie with me, this seems like the perfect time to do so. I am also going to ask for some recommendations. While being a horror lover I have yet to see many classic horror films. For instance, I am hoping to watch An American Werewolf in London a movie that I have always heard about but never seen, sadly.

I am also hoping to finish off watching some series, to this date I have never watched all of the Friday the 13th series. I have missed watching parts 4,5, and 8. So far on my netflix instant watch list I have the following movies:

The Last House on the Left (older version)
The Fly (also original)
Fright Night
Eraserhead (says its horror?)
Friday the 13th: Part 4
A Nightmare on Elm St.
An American Werewolf in London
Laid to Rest

And in my regular queue:
Friday the 13th: Part 5
Friday the 13th: Part 8

I also have many on dvd already that I can watch throughout the month. I plan to write some short reviews of the movies I watch every week in my blog and keep everyone updated with what I have seen every week. Wish me luck!


Wesley said...

I'm scared.

But let's do this.


I suggest the movie "May."

Colonel Mortimer said...

looking forward to your status with this goal, American Werewolf is a personal fave of mine, so I am curious what you will have to say about it.

slasherflix said...

Sounds like a task, but you have a lot of good movies to watch you haven't seen. Ive seen all the movies listed except Bitten, I see it has Mewes in it. Videodrome,Last House on the Left(orig.),FrightNight,Eraserhead and American Werewolf for sure and is that the new Nightmare on e street? Check out Martyrs,Inside,REC,and Frontiers for some newer flix. Hit me up for any you wanna borrow. Also don't forget to watch Halloween on a old Media VHS for optimum effect.

Mummbles said...

Its the original nightmare on elm street, I never wanted to see that new shit.