Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Screening Log

I have now started to keep track of what movies I have seen in a month, I wish I started this sooner as I have been seeing more and more movies thanks to netflix instant watch and my new roommate having a PS3, ah got to love technology (I can also watch them on my new high def cpu as well).

1) Deep End/ DVR / B+
2) Commando/ DVD / C
3) Julie & Julia/ DVD / B
4) She's Out Of My League/ DVD / C+
5) Cashback /Netflix Watch/ A
6) The Rainmaker / DVD/ B-
7) Krull / Netflix Watch/ D
8) Stan Helsing / Netflix Watch/ D-
9) Driving Miss Daisy / Netflix Watch/ B
10) Return to Sleepaway Camp / Netflix Watch/ D+
11) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen / DVD/ B
12) The Road / DVD/ B
13) Monsters,Inc. / Netflix Watch/ A-
14) Toy Story 2 / Blu-Ray/ A
15) Predators / Theater/ C+
16) Inception / Theater/ A-
17) Despicable Me / Theater(3-D)/ B
19) Cop Out / Blu-Ray/ B-
18) Rambo:First Blood Part II / DVD / B-
20) Ratatouille / Disney Channel & DVR / A-

Stand out movie of the Month:(tie) Cashback and Inception. See them if you haven't already.


Colonel Mortimer said...

I'm replying to your message on my blog here, hope that works for you.

Some good stuff on Netflix Instant that you may or may not have seen that I think you might like for this weekend: Bullitt, Fright Night, Hoop Dreams, The Searchers and John Carpenter's original Assault on Precinct 13.

Also, if you're in the mood for some artier foreign takes on genre cinema, 2 faves of mine from 2010 have just been released on DVD: Mother (from the director of The Host) and A Prophet (aka the movie that should have won the Best Foreign Picture this year!)

Have a good weekend, we'll be at Sanna's wedding in San Diego, and um, you probably don't want to refer to your girlfriend as "your roommate" too much.

Mummbles said...

Thanks for the advice, I am waiting on Mother because it will be in the Instant Watch on the 19th, but I will try to check out the others. I have seen Fright Night and Hoop Dreams but they could always stand another watching. And yah I should change that to gf but I was assuming someone else would read my blog