Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flea Market Report

So I was able to go to the Capitol flea market today. The weather was perfect and tons of sellers were out. A perfect day to rummage through some peoples junk. I ended up going with my usual flea partner Dennis and old co-worker Steve came along with us as well. As usual my quest is to find anything I want which usually comes down to Cd's, Dvd's, and most notably classic video games.

As for today's loot, I ended up with four video games. The first pair was some Genesis games I saw. The lady was not a usual seller, so that's always a good sign. I asked her how much and she said $2, which is not bad at all. I am more of a Nintendo fan though and these were Genesis titles. NBA Jam was the game that caught my eye. I decided it was okay and started to walk away but Dennis came over to look and then they lady said $1 each game so I ended up picking up NBA Jam and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Genesis.

Recently I received a Nintendo and Super Nintendo player, its a system that allows you to play both games in on system. So now I am looking to add to my SNES collection. I saw what is considered the best SNES title ever Super Mario World. I asked how much and they seller said $5, at first I thought it was too much. Dennis told me that he has seen the game sell for upwards of $25. I walked away and ended up seeing the exact same game a few booths away. For fun Steve asked how much and they said $10, I immediately thought that I had to have the game, after all $5 isn't that bad. So I went back and handed the seller my money and got the game. I saw the game a few more times during the day and Dennis or someone else would ask how much, it seems the usual price is $7-10 bucks, so I feel I got a good deal, plus it is a great game(and works!).

After the Super Mario World find things went cold for a while. There is a good seller who has tons of stuff, but his stuff is in no order. You have to really sift through everything to find something. This makes it a) really hard to find similar items and b)makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment if you do find the item.I was looking on my own and regrouped with Steve who laid out a bunch of games he found. He pulled out a Batman for NES, a game I have often heard is good. I ended up getting it for only $2. I played it already and it is a good game, I am glad I got that.

So that was my hull for the day. Got some classic games to play and they all go nicely with my collection.


Wesley said...

Let's play some JAM later once you go get your SEGA. I miss those commercials. SEGA!!
Be fun to see who is on what team.

Did you tell Steve that I said, "HEY!" and did you tell Dennis that is was "BADASS"? Ok, good.

slasherflix said...

Cool day for you. I guess that Discharge cd i got goes for like 15-30 so im not too upset I had to pay 5 for it. The Tomb of Dracula comics were my find of the day, and Steve actually spent 5 bucks. All in all a good day. freeeeeeeee mattress???