Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Screening Log

It was a tough month, but movies were still watched. It was a few less then last month but I still was able to see some good ones.

1) His Name Was Jason / Netflix Instant/ C+
2) Ink / Netflix Instant/ B
3) Hot Tub Time Machine / DVD/ B-
4) Law Abiding Citizen/ Netflix Instant/ B
5) The Pianist/ Netflix Instant/ A
6) Pirate Radio/ DVD/ B+
7) Dinner for Schmucks/ Theater/ B-
8) Mac and Me/ DVD/ D
9) I'm Reed Fish/ Netflix Instant/ C-
10) Sudden Impact / DVD/ B
11) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World / Theater/ B+
12) Jaws/ Theater/ A+
13) Cheerleaders Beach Party/ On Demand/ F
14) The Ghost Writer/ DVD/ B-
15) Piranha 3-D/ Theater/ B-
16) Finding Neverland/ DVD/ B
17) The Losers/ DVD/ B

Stand out movie of the month was Pirate Radio, it was a really well done movie that had some great acting, I would rent it for sure. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it was much as I did.


Wesley said...

Is the photo from Pirate Radio or from Cheerleaders Beach Party? When did you see Piranha 3-D? lol. Brian said he was waiting for you to see it.

slasherflix said...

I see your taking advantage of instant watch, if you have time check out Student Confidential,really odd 80's flick. I gotta see Piranha soon!