Sunday, September 27, 2009

This one hurt

Frank Gore goes out on the first play of the game....just before half time the 49ers are showing nothing on offense and Minnesota is about to kick a field goal to go up 16-7....but then the 2009 Niners showed up, Singeltary's 9ers. We then blocked the field goal and get the game back for us. Vernon Davis and Shaun Hill stepped up. Glen Coffee did all he could with what he had to work with.

At the end I wanted to scream, I wanted to break something, I cursed Farve for not retiring and choosing whatever team he wanted to come back with (again). But after I calmed down I realized that we just almost beat one of the best teams in the NFC, possibly the NFL and this was in Minnesota, a tough place to play. Farve for all his dump off passes is still an all time great QB and I guess if we had to get beat at least we left it all out there, we lost with 2 seconds left, some sort of miracle catch, and its over....we lost.

I am realizing that this is not the end of the world because we now play with some purpose, look out St Louis...this team is going to be angry next week, but more so hungry for their next win, their next mission, this year is going to be special. GO NINERS!!!!


Colonel Mortimer said...

Yeah, I nearly lost my voice yesterday (it was televised in LA), and while I wish we could of tried to change things up to get a first down in the last 2 minutes, I realized last year we would not have even been in this game once Gore went out.

And as good as a pass that was, Greg Lewis deserves the credit for just barely getting his feet in bounds more.

Oh well, Favre always does this to us, let's not dwell, I am sensing good things for this team.

Wesley said...

We were all pissed watching the end of that game... I think we could all sense something like that might happen though as we were all on the edge of are seats. Tough loss for sure, but Singletary's Niners are for real.

Now Coffee needs to step it up for the All-Rookie team, but more importantly, for the Niners.