Thursday, September 24, 2009

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

I sort of inherited this column from my brother, I will try to do him justice because I really enjoyed his rankings. I will try to keep it up every three weeks or so but alas no guarantees on that. So here is one guys thoughts on the rankings.

1. Minnesota Vikings (2-0): I know they have only played the Browns and Lions but both on the road and they have all the tools to be a great team this year. Next up, home opener against the 49ers. It will determine for both teams how good they really are.

2. New Orleans Saints (2-0): Saints can score some touchdowns if you haven't heard! Brees looks like he will set some sort of QB record this year. Mike Bell came out of nowhere to be the starting RB. They have handled Detroit and Philly (on the road). Up next a tougher match up against the Bills.

3. New York Giants (2-0) Plaxico who? This team is rolling on just fine and finding they have some talented WR in the wings. The D is still one of the best, and some clutch play by Manning against Dallas makes them 2-0. Up next is @ Tampa Bay, look for 3-0.

4. Indianapolis Colts (2-0) Two close games the loss of their second WR and yet the Colts sit pretty at 2-0. Well not too pretty, both games they won were close but they still managed to win them both. Plus they have that Manning guy, he is kinda good. Up next they are @ Arizona, should be a fun game.

5. Atlanta Falcons (2-0) Something tells me Atlanta will be atop this division come the end of the year. Matt Ryan looks for real and adding the best TE in the game helps! Big game up next @ New England will show me how for real this team really is.

6. New York Jets (2-0) Jets have beat Houston on the road and New England at home, is Mark Sanchez the next Big Ben? So far so good. Jets D is coming alive so far and they control the clock and run a lot. I am skeptical of how good they really are but so far they look really good.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) I still think this team has way too much talent not to win a lot of games. Right now having your #1 QB and RB being hurt doesn't help! When McNabb gets back they should start rolling again. Oh and if you haven't watched sportscenter in the last few seconds Michael Vick is back. They should get a W this week against the Eagles.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) A tough loss last week in Chicago puts them in the loss column early on, I think they still have a lot going for them. I do wonder about their RB situation though, but they also had troubles there last year and still won it all.

9. Baltimore Ravens (2-0) Nice win at San Diego, but aren't they suppose to be a defensive team? They are averaging 25 points against in two games so far. Flaco looks like he could be something special but they should establish who the #1 RB is, they have like 3 guys who could start (McGahee, Rice, and McClain). At home against Cleveland looks like a 3-0 start.

10. New England Patriots (1-1) I know they have struggled early on, a miracle fumble lead them to beat the Bills and they lost out bad against the Jets in NY. But why do I have them high? Because they are still the Pats and I think they have way too much talent. Brady is still getting used to playing with pads on, it may take a while to get started but once they do, watch out!

11. San Francisco 49ers (2-0) Beating the NFC champs on the road was nice and showing everyone that the Seahawks looked good because they played the Rams was nice. The teams D is looking like it could be the best they have had in years. I think Singletary will be coach of the year if he keeps the team up.

12. San Diego Chargers (1-1) What happened to their D last week? They still have a ton of weapons and are showing they can score with out or without LT, who is looking much older. They almost lost to the Raiders, I think there coach is what brings down this team. I say he will not last very much longer. Up next is the Dolphins at home.

13. Buffalo Bills (1-1) They could be one fumble away from 2-0 but it didn't happen. They can score a lot and all this without Lynch at RB. Maybe they found a new RB in Fred Jackson? This team seems like they can beat anyone if they wanted to, but they also lack something.

14. Denver Broncos (2-0) Sean, you say...this team is 2-0! Why so low? Well yes they have only let up 13 points so far. They have also only played the Browns and Bengals, and they won on some miracle catch. Buuuut the the defense looks good and they play the Raiders next so it is possible they go 3-0, I just do not think they are all that good..yet.

15. Chicago Bears (1-1) DA BEARS! They beat the super champs at home and looked good. Still not sure how good they really are. Forte is struggling so far.

16. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) An easy win in Tampa and a last second loss against the Giants. This team could be really good, its really hard to tell. I think Tampa is pretty bad. They should shoot up in the rankings if they can handle the Panthers, but Marion Barber could be out.

17. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) They looked pretty bad in week 1 and then bounced back in Jacksonville and Kurt Warner set the record for passing completion %. I am not sure what to make of this team yet, they still are working to see if they are anything like last year.

18. Green Bay Packers (1-1) So they beat Chicago and then lose to the Bengals, at home? WTF? I have no idea if this team is good or not yet.

19. Washington Redskins (1-1) Oh Redskins can we just end the season and say 8-8 right now? Wow you handled the Rams @ home 9-7, up next the Lions. Think you can get double digits?

20. Houston Texans (1-1) I never realized how much talent this team has on offense until I watched the highlights last week. Andre Johnson, Steve Slaton, Owen Daniels, Schaub...they can sure put up some points. So why only 1 TD in week one?

21. Tennesse Titans (0-2) But they don't even have a win! Why did you rank them so high? Because they lost to the Steelers and were like a Collins fumble from coming back on Houston. Not sure what is going on with this team but coach Fisher will have them back and winning soon.

22. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) This team could be one deflection away from 2-0! So they beat Green Bay in Lambeau, wow that's pretty impressive. Antwan Odom has 7 sacks in two games, he had 5 against the Packers alone! Wow who is this guy? Did anyone else know they have S Roy Williams (former Cowboy Pro Bowler) ? I just found out. Lets see how they do against the Steelers this week.

23. Miami Dolphins (0-2) This team can run that wildcat to perfection. They still have loads of talent on D and Ronnie Brown has pretty much returned to form. So why 0-2? They played Atlanta and Indy for one reason. Up next they play in San Diego. I bet they wish they could get that last place schedule they has last year back!

24. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) They looked pretty bad last week in San Francisco. It doesn't help that they lost Matt Hasselback to an injury and let Frank Gore go off for two runs of 80 yards.

25. Carolina Panthers (0-2) Starting off against Philly and Atlanta wasn't very nice. The talk of the town is how they should have addressed the QB need in the off season, possibly will in next years draft. I would have gone after Jeff Garcia or Vick if I was them. Next week they play Dallas.

26. Oakland Raiders (1-1) Yep, you are reading this correctly the Raiders are 1-1! Good for them. I actually think their head coach is pretty good (when is not punching out his assistant coaches). Russell looks like a bust..but he still has some talent, where did it go?

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) They played Arizona and Indy so they have at least played some good teams. I guess they are still in a funk from last year. I am not sure why this team is bad yet I haven't looked too much at the team yet.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) Losing at home against the Raiders had to hurt. They stuck around with Baltimore for the first week but it all went downhill after that. I still think Thigpen is a good QB. Not sure how the Matt Cassell experiment will go.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2) Something tells me this will be a long season for rookie head coach Raheem Morris, who is younger than half his team.

30. Detroit Lions (0-2) Lions are not on the bottom of this list! Woo hoo, its a moral victory for them. Kind of a tough start to the year for a team who didn't win a GAME last year. New Orleans and Minnesota, ouchbay! They have average 20 points a game though and Stafford can throw. They have more upside this year.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-2) Maybe I am being hard on the Browns. They did give up 37 points to the Vikings and 27 to the Broncos. Those teams are not too bad. I think Brady Quinn is not the answer.

32. St Louis Rams (0-2) They have one touchdown in two games. Yes one. They have been outscored 37-7 in two games and they play Green Bay next. It could be a long year for you guys in St. Louis, at least you have the Cardinals...go Pujols!!!


Wesley said...

My thoughts... Minnesota should not be number 1. Indy is ranked too high on your list. Niners rank seems about right at this point....

and Blu-Ray to your face? priceless.

Wesley said...

Oh...and the Eagles are playing themselves? lol

Colonel Mortimer said...

Nice work, the Washington Redskins comment made me LOL. The Rams has last place is perfect, I am still amazed they've stuck with Marc Bulger for so long, without even drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round, at least Delhomme lead the Panthers to a 12-4 just last year.

I too think the Vikings may be ranked a bit high, but AP is looking like an MVP and Baltimore a bit low, their defense is not up to their usual standards true, they did lose their def. coordinator to the Jets, but the Ray Lewis play to end the game showed they still can give the knock out punch when needed and now they have an offense for the first time since, well, since they were the Cleveland Browns.

But this is all conjecture and academic, and the fun in this thing is just the process and seeing how people's opinions differ than yours. I look forward to the weeks ahead.

This column is in good hands.

Mummbles said...

Eagles will play themselves mentally! oh no jk i fucked up.