Friday, January 9, 2009

Follow Up On NFL Predictions Pt 2




Dallas Cowboys 12-4 - Well they could have had this record if it wasn't for Tony Romo getting hurt. They finished 9-7 and could have made the playoffs yet they got slaughtered by the Eagles. I think this team still has a lot of talent and if they work things out they could be a team who makes the playoffs next year.

Philadelphia Eagles 10-6* - I got the loses correct, and if Mcnabb knew what a tie meant then maybe they would have won that game and gone 10-6 instead of 9-6-1. They manhandeled the Cowboys in the final game of the season and willed themselves into the playoffs. I was pretty close with this one (pats himslef on the back)

New York Giants 9-7* - I should take back that pat on the back, now. I am not sure why I thought the Giants would only win 9, they ended up 12-4 BUT at least I said they would make the playoffs. This team should be good for a few years, but I think they might be in line for a new WR?

Washington Redskins 8-8 - WOO HOO! Another exact pick. Redskins finsihed as I said they would. I guess this team just seems to have a lot of good and bad going for them. Jason Campbell played well, but I think if he doesn't show he is pro-bowl type next year then the team should look elsewhere for help. Clinton Portis and Head Coach Jim Zorn seem to have some issues to work out, as does the entire team.



Minnesota Vikings 10-6 - Yep Got this one exactly right too. I am pretty happy with this pick since not everyone had them as a lock to win the division but alas I was right! I think this team has some growing to do and needs a QB who will be a good starter for a while, besides that all the pieces are in line for another playoff run next year.

Green Bay Packers 8-8 - They went to the NFC championship game last year and fell to 6-10, wonder what their record would be with Favre at QB? Aaron Rodergs did step up and have a good year and the team has loads of talent on offense and defense. Not sure why the took such a dip, but they did battle a lot of injury and consistency problems. I think they can bounce back and make a good run at the playoffs next year.

Chicago Bears 6-10 - I wasn't sure what this team was, besides their excellent D. Kyle Orton and Rookie RB Matt Forte did play well and helped what I thought would be a terrible offense score some points. They were great at stopping the run but not the pass on D and could be a contendor, they finished 9-7 and were in the playoff run until the last day.

Detroit Lions 6-10 - Wow I said 6 wins, they had 0. They suck, moving on.



New Orleans Saints 9-7 - Saints had a very hard time in 08, they would win some games they shouldn't and lose games they should have won. I think they found out Reggie Bush is not a premier back, but does have a lot of talent. Pierre Thomas could be a superstar in this offense and Drew Brees was 15 yards shy of breaking the all time passing yardage by a QB. They finsihed 8-8 on the year.

Tampa Bay Buccanners 8-8 - Tampa Bay had a good going early in the season and then sort of fell apart. They had a lot of injuries, what do you expect they are a sort of old team? But they seem to have just a lot of good players on offense yet no stand out players. The D is what kept them in many games and even they had some struggles this year, they finished 9-7 and lost to the raiders (at home) in the last game on the season to crush their playoff hopes.

Carolina Panthers 7-9 - Carolina sure proved me wrong, they had a great year with the emergence of DeAngelo Williams at RB. They had enough talent on offense to score and the D was much improved from last year. They easily went 12-4 and could go far in the playoffs. They sure surprised me this year.

Atlanta Falcons 5-11 - Ok, this was out of freakin nowhere type season. They made the right moved by drafting a franchise QB Matt Ryan and picking up RB Michael Turner. Turner turned out to be a stud and threw up some crazy numbers. They had great play on offense as well as on D. They won 11 games, and shocked anyone they played. No shock Mike Smith won coach of the year, kudos to him and this team.



Seattle Seahawks 9-7 - I guess I didn't see the writing on the wall. They had a shaky offense and everything that went wrong did. They were 4-12 with two of their wins coming over a terrible St Louis team. I think Mike Holmgren sort of just went with it all since he knew it would be his last year. I think it could be a few more years until this team has a playoff run in them.

Arizona Cardinals 7-9 - They won the division. I was pretty shocked but they played well enough to get some close wins and have some calls go their way. I was even more surprised that they won a playoff game. They have just an awesome offense that is fun to watch, they pass they ball is easily and can pound the ball with the run. They have some playmakers on the D and could easily win a weak division again next year. They went 9-7.

San Francisco 49ers 7-9 - See, I know my team. I picked them correctly, but whatelse would you expect? I think the team played much better in the second half and shows singns of improvement. I think depending on how the offseason goes they could make a run at winning the division, but only because its a weak NFC West. I do not think they could make it as a wildcard. But I do fait in Mike Singeltary and all Shaun Hill does is win. They need a passrush, haven't really had one of those in a long long time. I am hoping they go after a top saftey or wide reciever in the draft if so available. I think 8 or 9 wins could be do-able next year and maybe a run at the division.

St. Louis Rams 5-11 - This team was bad, and had only 2 wins. The weird thing is that they ended up beating two pretty good teams in the Cowboys and Redskins. They need to do a huge overhaul, and get rid of a lot of guys who once looked good but now, not so much. I think Bulger should be gone and they need a whole new defense. This team was just bad! I think the Lions could have even beaten them.

*- Wild Card Team

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